Window production

The Path to more Profitability

Individually designed windows, special dimensions, smallest batches – today this is reality in window construction. A rational production is no longer feasible with conventional manufacturing methods.

WEINIG has a solution ready for this problem as well: Production window frame by window frame. In one run sash after sash and frame after frame are completely processed. This means cutting to length, cutting out glazing beads, tenoning, mortising, lengthwise profiling and milling down glued sashes without changing tools. With it you can even economically produce batch size 1,

WEINIG offers from one source a wide product range, from the small individual machine to the highly complex production line.

These advantages come with it:

  • Shorter run times
  • Steady workload
  • Smooth material flow
  • No drawing
  • No searching and sorting
  • No expensive stock-keeping

And this means for you: higher profitability

Beyond the sash-by-sash production WEINIG facilitates additional improvements of the organized working cycle:
For example production of individual parts that saves milling down the sash parts. In addition profile splitting, a procedure allowing to produce several profiles with only one tool. With it the total number of tools used on one production line can be drastically reduced and minimal setting times are achieved.

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