OptiCut S 90
The OptiCut S 90:
The fully automatic cross-cut center for the modern wood processor

With the link.gifOptiCut S 90 there is no longer any reason to do without automatic length cutting. No adjusting or re-setting of fences. With the OptiCut S 90 you can cut up to four times as much as with your manual cross-cut saw - with half as many employees. The transport (with up to 120 m/min), exact positioning (up to +/- 0.1 mm), safe clamping and the cut are carried out automatically. Even with heavy workpieces.

With the OptiCut S 90 you work quite safely, because it is fully automatic: The hands stay outside. The OptiCut is equipped with a maintenance-free, because completely closed, pusher system. The operation of the saw is quite easy: Prepare cutting list and get started.

The OptiCut S 90 cuts according to the preset order or optimizes, i.e. it combines the lengths from a cutting list so that the lowest possible waste is created. Cutting out defects is also possible.

In spite of the automatization you stay flexible with the OptiCut: If between times you want to quickly cut individual parts, just choose the function “manual cutting”. The biggest advantage in comparison to a high-capacity link.gifthrough-feed saw is the versality. If you want to cut packages or profiled pieces, single slats or even dowels - it can all be done easily on the OptiCut S 90 with only slight adjustments of the saw.


Depending on the demand the OptiCut S 90 is available in different models:

  • S 90: The universal one for the flexible production: Pieces up to 100 kg are postioned with an accuracy of +/- 0,5 mm on this economic model of the new push-feed saw generation. Your WEINIG expert will be very pleased to configure the machine to your individual needs, because the S 90 can be equipped with many options and solutions, most of them can be retrofitted later on.

  • S 90 XL: Pure power for bigger demands: Cross-sections of up to 280 x 180mm and 420 x 40 mm and a max. weight of 150 kg for the workpiece can be handled on this powerful model of the OptiCut S 90 series. This machine was mainly designed to achieve large production capacities cutting the workpieces in packages.

  • S 90 Exact: Precision at its best: When highly accurate cutting is at stake, this model of the OptiCut S 90 series is exactly your machine. Lateral pressure elements improve the angular accuracy, while the pusher system achieves a positioning accuracy of up to +/- 0,1 mm. With an especially accurate saw aggregate this saw satisfies the highest demands of quality cross-cutting.

  • S 90 Speed: Power, performance, speed: However you call it, this machine will impress you with surprisingly high capacity which until now has only been possible on a through-feed saw. The speed of the whole system consisting of the backstroke, the in-feed, clamping and cut sets new standards for push-feed saws - of course without cutting back on flexibility, accuracy and material protection.

Every model can be equipped with a link.gifsorting station directly after the saw. Taking over the pieces onto the sorting belt directly after the cut guarantees high reliability. This way even packages can be sorted quite safely. The link.gifpatented wastegate is also available for the OptiCut S 90, to safely separate the waste from the good pieces directly after the cut without provoking troubles in the sorting station.

To clearly identify the pieces after the cut or to read out the piece-information with a barcode scanner (e.g. on a link.gifprofiling center), the optional link.giflabel printer will automatically apply a label with all the necessary information to the pieces. The printer is fully integrated into the control of the saw. The intuitive touchscreen terminal link.gifOptiCom Direct will not only facilitate the operation of the saw, it is also possible to fully integrate it into your companies network. You just manage the saw from your desk or send the cuttig list directly from your design software. The machine will also give you all the statistics from your actual production, on your desk or printed out directly at the saw. Tools for the diagnosis of the saw are also integrated into the operating software.

Highly automized WEINIG cross-cut lines with link.gifcross-transfer infeed-systems (for single boards, packages or profiles) and automatic stacking with the link.gifOptiCut Stacker offer most economic and efficient solutions for your production. Solutions for linking a push-feed saw from the OptiCut S 90 series to other products from WEINIG (e.g. link.gifrip saws, link.gifmoulders, link.giffinger-jointing lines etc.) can be designed for your individual needs. A very interesting solution for example is link.gifthe linking between a OptiCut S 90 and a Powermat moulder (link.gifVideo). With this technical design two processes can be done by only one person easily and economically. Identifying the pieces with labels, which can have up to 14 individual fields, guarantees the clean sorting by order even though different orders are combined in the cutting line for optimum yield.

If your demands change, your OptiCut S 90 can change with you as most of the options can be retrofitted.

OptiCut S 90 - an automatic cross-cut center to cut off your competitors

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