Standard on Full Equipment Version

Perfectly laid out to meet your requirements - the power version PRO-MASTER 7018 premium

Full equipment version with:

  • Standard features include four axes - all fully interpolating for maximum flexibility.
  • User-friendly software as complete package with CAMPUS machine and office license.
  • CabinetControl Base - allows you to design furniture and create complete CNC programs in minutes with just a few mouse clicks.
  • A L-shaped drilling head with 24 spindles, a grooving saw and a powerful 3 kW motor are standard features.
  • 11-kW Power spindles with ceramic bearings for efficient and precise cutting and formatting.
  • Including fully interpolating C axis for even more power.
  • 12-Position traveling disk tool changer for effective pendular processing.
  • Six stable, high precision consoles with front and rear stops and four charging aids.
  • Laser pointer for precision position of vacuum suction cups and for tracing part contour.
  • Free selection between 3-field foot mats or safety bumpers for highly efficient pendular processing.