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HOLZ-HER at LIGNA in Hall 27

For the first time, HOLZ-HER and WEINIG will be exhibiting together at one booth at LIGNA in hall 27 and will present the visitors on nearly 4.000 square meters the complete competence of solid wood and panel processing.

When?   22 - 26 May 2017
Where?  Hall 27 | Hanover, Germany

HOLZ-HER presents a lot of innovations as well as innovative product revisions in the product areas of edge banding machines, CNC machining centers, beam saws and vertical panel saws at this year's LIGNA. As a forward-looking manufacturer of high-quality machine concepts for the processing of panel materials, we would like to convince you of our efficiency and innovative power.


LIGNA Highlight Videos

Here you will find a new highlight video of the LIGNA from 22nd May every day - check it out, it's worth it!

Two ways to the zero joint

Two ways to the perfect zero joint - with the edgebanding machines of the LUMINA series you get Ltronic for the processing of laser edges as well as the Glu Jet glue application system. The new LUMINA industry models are presented at LIGNA.

Nesting at the highest level

The innovative technology of the new nesting machines of the DYNESTIC Series ensures a high production capacity and precisely manufactured workpieces - now available in different automation variants.

The smart Workshop

The modern STORE-MASTER panel storage solution from HOLZ-HER enables an innovative storage design and is adapted to the specific space you have available in your workshop.

Perfect edges with Glu Jet

Perfect as entry-level machines and for an outstanding quality of all edges. Especially the perfect zero joint optics with the Glu Jet application system inspire our customers.

High-Performance CNC

The 5 axis models of the PRO-MASTER series offer almost unlimited possibilities in CNC machining. Now with newly developed control desk for the highest degree for an ergonomic workplace design.

All HOLZ-HER exhibits at LIGNA at a glance!


See these edgebanding machines at LIGNA

Let us show you our most successful edgebanding machines at LIGNA in Hanover. Perfect zero joints - only with HOLZ-HER edgebanding machines.

Edgebander STREAMER 1057
Edgebander AURIGA 1308 XL
Edgebander SPRINT 1329
Edgebander LUMINA 1380

STREAMER 1057: Hightech with smallest space requirements

  • The STREAMER series enables a compact entry into professional HOLZ-HER edgebanding.

AURIGA 1308XL: Highest degree of automation in edgebanding

  • Highest degree of automation with three finishing units. Edgebanding machine for efficient and complete processing at a professional level and at the same time compact and affordable.

SPRINT 1329: Superior competency for edgebanding

  • With the SPRINT 1329, you get multi-functional technology at the highest level. Motorized control axes for complete machining. This HOLZ-HER machine thus allows conversion to precisely reproducible dimensions at the touch of a button, without having to open the machine hood.

LUMINA 1380 & 1596 Industry: Zero joint technology for laser edges

  • The HOLZ-HER LUMINA with the LTRONIC laser edge unit sets the highest standards for modern edgebanding with a unique combination: two systems for perfect zero joints. The LUMINA Industry 1596 is also exhibited on the market as a novelty at the leading trade fair in Hanover.

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CNC Processing

EVOLUTION-Series: CNC machining with smallest space requirements

EVOLUTION 7405 connect

2 models - perfectly tailored to your requirements

EVOLUTION 7402: This vertical CNC drilling and machining center has in addition to the 15-spindle drill head a 5,6 kW routing unit as standard.

EVOLUTION 7405 Connect: The machine offers a precise milling of all four workpiece edges and thus the complete formatting of your panel material. With the connect version pockets and grooves for e.g. Lamello's P-System connectors are milled in the surface on all four edges as well as in the X and Y direction.

The 5-axis machining center PRO-MASTER 7225 at LIGNA

The heart of the high-performance CNC machining center is the gimbal-mounted 5-axis head. The PRO-MASTER 7225 is perfectly usable for the machining of wood and plastics and offers a new dimension in wood working.

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NEW: Nesting machining

The high-end Nesting machining center DYNESTIC 7532

Since spring 2017, HOLZ-HER's new nesting machining centers are on the market and the resonance is extremely positive! The DYNESTIC 7532 shows high dynamics and a vector speed of 100 m/min. The high flow nesting table ensures an optimum vacuum distribution.

The different automation components ensure that Nesting is made as easy as never before - perfectly adapted to your requirements and perfectly tailored to your applications.

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NEXTEC - The revolution for your workshop

The new NEXTEC from HOLZ-HER revolutionizes the way joineries work and makes them fit for the challenges of the future. The machine allows enormous flexibility and highest operator comfort. Precision and operational reliability are ensured for years by high-quality components such as covered, hardened and grounded linear guides on all axes.

NEXTEC is the complete solution for presenting contemporary furniture, producing it efficiently and selling it effectively. The series is available in various models on the market and has various automation components.

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Beam saws

Pressure Beam Saw TECTRA 6120 power

The TECTRA 6120 power offers 95mm sawblade pertrution and is equipped with an 11 kW motor as standard. For even more power, especially stack-cuts, there is an optional 15 kW motor available.

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CutControl 2 - a machine control designed by operators for operators

An ergonomically designed work place is the basis of any efficient work. With the 21,5" touch screen terminal, demands and expectations of operators are more than met. The ergonomically designed area offers the possibility to install up to 2 printers, scanner, keyboard and mouse.

NEW: Vertical panel saws

SECTOR panel saws for the perfect cut

The vertical panel saw SECTOR 1255 is brand-new on the market and highlight on the HOLZ-HER booth. The new vertical panel saws from HOLZ-HER combine proven technology from over 50 years of experience with a basic, solid design offering you a unique price/performance ratio.

Highlights of the SECTOR-Series

  • Shift grate that moves out pneumatically
  • Automatic interface detection
  • Horizontal, digital dimension display with fine adjustment
  • ProLock quick clamp flange for fast saw blade change
  • Continuous center workpiece support

The professional OptiBase V-Cut cutting optimization is available for all SECTOR models. This enables you to optimize your cutting and labeling in a professional way. You can choose to carry out the optimization on the machine or also in the office with a network connection.

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Automation | Panel storage system

The complete solution for material handling and cutting

HOLZ-HER panel storage system offer fully automatic and intelligent processes to optimize the use of your warehouse area. The highly developed software with chaotic storage system increase the production out-put tremendiously.

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Profitable charging for beam saws and nesting machining centers

  • Derived from the industry design, stable construction
  • Proven drive technology with chain - no swinging straps
  • Lifting unit via steel belt
  • Perfect positioning of the panels (min. gap 70 mm)
  • Automatic, size-adjustable suction beam
  • Self-learning software for material storage in the panel storage area
  • More performance due to a smaller space requirement
  • Frame tube design (10 x stronger than I-beam)
  • PC and screen built in to the console
  • Inventory control and inventory at the push of a button
  • Material safeguards, harmless storage
  • Productivity-enhancing plant
  • Increase in value chain
  • Time savings through automated provision of materials

The smart workshop for a transparent production process

The smart Workshop, for a transparent production process! The modern STORE-MASTER panel storage solution from HOLZ-HER enables an innovative storage design and is adapted to the specific space you have available in your workshop. Future-proof for your business by digitizing production processes. The smart workshop - your plan for the future!

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