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HOLZ-HER highlights at the Ligna 2019

Automation Pro Live Show - daily

Automation Pro is the superior system for controlling production flow and material management in modern manufacturing. With Automation Pro, HOLZ-HER is breaking new ground in the networking of the entire production process, from the store master plate storage system to the finished furniture throughout the entire HOLZ-HER machine park.

At the LIGNA we want to show you what the whole solution looks like and how it can be used in your workshop.

Daily live demonstrations in Hall 27 / Stand C66:

  • 11:30 
  • 15:30 

Duration 30 minutes each, simultaneous interpretation in English

NEXTEC 4.0 Solution

NEXTEC 4.0 is the local solution for your transparent production control. With the NEXTEC 4.0 Network PC, you can connect furniture planning in the office digitally with the machine. All CAD / CAM data created with the planning software in the office is transferred via the Warehouse Production List to the CNC machine in the workshop. Digitalization simply conceived and tailored to carpenters who want their data to remain locally in their own workshop.

With the largest selection of sizes and variants for nesting machines on the market, HOLZ-HER not only offers the networking between office and workshop, but also the right CNC machine. See for yourself.

Industrial nesting with the DYNESTIC 7532 lift

Complete plate stacks are processed highly efficiently with the DYNESTIC 7532 lift and the standard lifting table - perfect for high throughput in industrial production. Live demonstrations and expert talks on site.

5-axis excellence with the PRO-MASTER

There is no limit to your creativity with HOLZ-HER 5-axis CNCs. Whether with the HOLZ-HER 3D master or another CAM program - with the open interface to NC hops, you can create, import and process real 5-axis programs. All machining can be simulated in the optional 3D machine simulation with collision control to guarantee 100% safety in complex 5-axis programs. A maximum Z height of 300 mm from the upper edge of the teat gives you the opportunity to fulfill every customer request.

EVOLUTION Doors Ready - the door package

The optional EVOLUTION door package consisting of a specially developed angle gearbox for lock cases and a lock box cutter completes the possibilities of the vertical CNC from HOLZ-HER.

The door package allows the complete processing of door leaves up to max. 70 mm thickness. The hinge side and the lock side are machined in two fixtures. The included Ø 16 mm end mill allows a milling depth of up to 115 mm and thus enables the insertion of lock cases with different mandrel masses. Pushers and lock holes can also be precisely inserted via HOPS macros. After the door leaf has been turned, hinges for rebated doors can be inserted the same way as concealed hinges or hinges for object doors in the second setup.

Digital edge banding 4.0 with feedback

The LUMINA 1596 4.0-Edition convinces at the LIGNA with many highlights:

Preparing in the gap

  • In addition to iTronic, multifunctional tool technology and fast servo axes, the "setup in the gap" is one of the top topics for efficient edge banding. With "Setup in the gap" you can drive various machining operations simultaneously in the edge banding machine. For example, the Eckkopieraggregat or the pivoting of the trimming unit can intelligently switch on without having to empty the machine for the set-up.

Intelligent operator guidance

  • The new, intelligent operator guidance allows an even more intuitive adjustment of all milling or scraping blade machining. The operator always recognizes graphically which corrections are made in which direction. The values ​​for horizontal and vertical tool feed entered on the control are automatically converted in the background to the actual axis values. Trial pieces are now a thing of the past.

Fast servo axes generation

  • At the moment we are installing more than 8000 NC servo axes of the latest generation per year at HOLZ-HER. These axes ensure that your edgebanding machine can be converted to its most diverse applications with lightning speed: repeatable, long-lasting, high-precision. In combination with the intelligent iTronic package, you have a consistently smart edge banding machine as an efficient partner.

Workpiece return for automated processing

  • The workpiece return RETURN-MASTER 5920 is the perfect complement to your edgebander for simplified handling and higher productivity.

iTronic - intelligent edge banding

Glu Jet with iTronic - the building blocks for intelligent edge banding

The automatic, customized control of your edge banding machines. The various functions of iTronic support you in your production - for standard zero joints. All features at a glance:Adaptive Cutting knive: Whether thin edge or Starkfunierkante - always the right power.

  • Adaptive printing unit: solid wood or thin edge - the pressure combination always fits.
  • Automatic glue quantity control: MDF or chipboard - always perfect glue application.
  • Automatic rinsing routine: At the touch of a button, it's super-clean.
  • Residual adhesive quantity monitoring: Always know what else is possible.

iTronic will be demonstrated on the LIGNA on various edge banding machines. Just come by and let convince.

Flexible storage systems

Unbeatable as a team: ZENTREX 6215, DYNESTIC 7532 and the STORE-MASTER 5110 plate storage system for the first time at the LIGNA. A flexible, future-oriented system solution for high-performance plate handling and the associated significant increase in capacity and profitability of your company. An important highlight: automatic labeling with the power label directly on the lifting table of the nesting processing center.

Horizontal sawing with the best performer

Clean Protection
Millimeter-accurate laser positioning system

The ZENTREX 6215 offers maximum suction thanks to the synergy of the individual functions "Clean Protection" and "Dust Control" (2-stage extraction management system)

Clean Protection for scratch cuts

  • When scratching, a moving, intelligent suction behind the saw blade prevents the uncontrolled flying away of chips and dust during the cutting process. Thus, your machine table remains clean even with very narrow seams (scratch cuts).

Dust Control – the program-controlled extraction

  • The cutting position detection optimizes all extraction openings in the pressure bar. This means you always have the highest extraction power directly on the saw blade and always a clean machine table. Unused suction openings are closed automatically - but can be adjusted manually via the control if required.

Millimeter-accurate laser positioning system

  • For plate sizes that are difficult to distinguish in length or width despite 3D screen simulation, the ZENTREX 6215 offers a laser positioning system accurate to the millimeter. Your advantage: A re-measurement of the plates or incorrect insertion into the machine belong to the past. You also minimize mis-cuts and rejects.

TECTRA Black Design

TECTRA 6120 - strong performance in a new design With the new "Black" appearance, the TECTRA 6120 pressure beam saw adapts perfectly to the design of the HOLZ-HER machines.

The unbeatable highlight is the integrated linear motion concept. For example, the saw carriage moves completely on linear guides inside the machine. This offers absolute production reliability, speed and performance. The new TECTRA series also plays a leading role in terms of safety. With the DGUV certification, it meets the highest safety standards - your guarantee for a safe workplace.