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Panel storage system STORE-MASTER 5110: Professional software drives intelligent technology

Intelligent panel handling with the HOLZ-HER STORE_MASTER 5110

Our experience is your benefit! With our automatic panel storage systems, the capacity and profitability of your company is increased. The staff and organizational effort for panel handling is reduced to a minimum, even in the case of a large range of panels and finishes. The HOLZ-HER STORE-MASTER panel storage system is suitable for a variety of formats and materials. The panels can be positioned by the manipulator in a chaotic as well as assorted structure. In each case, exactly the right panel is selected by a computer during removal. Your stock panels can be rotated easily by up to 90° and therefore stored in any desired direction. Damages to the panels are ruled out due to automatic, computer-controlled transport.

Thanks to the intelligent design of the horizontal panel storage and automatic warehouse system virtually unlimited possible uses of the manipulator, completely new methods of innovative storage design are made available - tailored precisely to your requirements.

Our system ensures perfect storage on up to three levels and can be used in all rooms with heights greater than three meters. Multiple machines can be charged and as many storage bins as desired set up for storage and retrieval. You can freely define the storage spaces for the stored panels

You can download a compilation of several STORE-MASTER projects in the download area. The various projects demonstrate how your own perfect solution could look. Each project includes a detailed 3D drawing with the basic technical details on the machines and specifications. Moreover you can see the resources you can save with our fully automatic storage system. Convince yourself of the advantages of the various possibilities with the STORE-MASTER 5110 from HOLZ-HER. 

Here is what HOLZ-HER STORE MASTER Panel Storage offers

  • Weight-optimized stable design
  • Careful panel handling to prevent material damage
  • Panel separation monitoring
  • Optimum space utilization
  • Remnant return
  • Dynamic panel preparation
  • Panel position correction
  • Intelligent storage software including interface.
  • Safety features include secured door and guard fence
Intelligent panel store manipulator for careful material handling


Flexible panel storage system for maximum Swiss woodworking competency

Reference customer for STORE-MASTER panel storage system from HOLZ-HER, Alpiger Holzbau AG [Alpiger Woodworking Co.]

Alpiger Holzbau AG [Alpiger Woodworking Co.] in Sennwald in the Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland, is a quality conscious, regionally active, state-of-the-art woodworking company. This future oriented carpentry shop offers holistic solutions in the areas of system construction, facades, windows, roofing and interior finished. Its reputation as a state-of-the-art company results from its use of high quality, ecological materials as well as cooperation with supplies guaranteeing high quality. Individual response to customer wishes, flexible planning and reliable completion are major planks in the business policy of Alpiger Holzbau AG.

The company has been working with HOLZ-HER machines since 2014 and has used a PRO-MASTER 7225 5-axis CNC machining center since that time. In 2016 they installed a TECTRA 6120 power horizontal panel saw in combination with a STORE-MASTER 5110 panel storage system. This panel storage system from HOLZ-HER ensures innovative storage layout and was adapted precisely to the space available in the Alpiger facilities. The integrated panel saw is located on the ground floor with the panels at an elevated level to allow space beneath for other types of use. The manipulator in the panel storage system is controlled by a computer to pick up the proper panels at the upper level and place them on the TECTRA 6120 power pressure beam saw on the ground floor for further processing.

This panel storage system has allowed Alpiger Holzbau AG to increase its capacity while reducing personnel and organizational costs and ensuring optimum use of the available space.

Further images

Two story panel storage system from HOLZHER in Switzerland: Custom designed STORE-MASTER
Two story panel storage system from HOLZHER: Custom designed STORE-MASTER in Switzerland
Two story panel storage system from HOLZHER: Custom designed STORE-MASTER

Complete, integrated solutions from HOLZ-HER

Pulsar is a marketing agency seated in Dubai, and offering its customers holistic marketing concepts. The agency was founded in 2007 and has a regional as well as global presence with production capabilities in Dubai and Beirut.

The basic idea is to create brand awareness to win customers for a brand particularly at the point of sale. For this purpose the agency offers integrated marketing concepts, including everything customers require for comprehensive brand awareness ranging from shop design to digital marketing, events and promotions.

Since February 2016 the company has used machines from the quality manufacturer HOLZ-HER for production of high quality store furniture elements for the point of sale. A STORE-MASTER panel storage system was installed in combination with a DYNESTIC 7521 nesting machine and a TECTRA 6120 pressure beam saw. Moreover the company operates successfully with a PRO-MASTER 7125 5-axis CNC machining center as well as an ACCURA series edgebander from HOLZ-HER for realization of its innovative store concepts.

Among others Nestlé, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Nike, Burberry and BMW are included among the highly satisfied clientele in the Arabian world, who are impressed by Pulsar’s promise of quality as a result of its investments in high quality production machines.

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Panel storage system, nesting machine, CNC and panel saw - the Pulsar Company is enthusiastic about its new HOLZ-HER machines
Satisfied HOLZHER reference customer from the Arabian Emirates
Satisfied HOLZ-HER customer: Pressure beam saw, storage solution, CNC machining, nesting

Variable subdivision of standard elements

Die Firma Günthner ist ein Hersteller von Kastensystemen für Sonnenschutz, der Standardprodukte in kleinen Serien fertigt. 

[...] Die Plattenwerkstoffe zur Herstellung der Holzbauelemente bearbeitet Günthner heute mit einer Komplettlösung von Holz-Her. Neben einer Plattenaufteilsäge Tectra 6120 power und einer Nesting-Maschine Dynestic 7516 besteht diese Anlage aus einem Plattenlager Store-Master 5110 mit ETR-300-Etikettierstation, das beide Aufteilmaschinen mit Plattenwerkstoffen versorgt. „Wir hatten bereits vor dieser Kombi-Anlage eine Säge und eine Nesting- CNC, die aber beide überaltert waren und ersetzt werden mussten. Nicht mehr zeitgemäß waren zudem die Lagerung und der Transport der Platten mit Vakuumhebern. Hier wollten wir unsere Mitarbeiter entlasten und Ordnung ins Lager bringen“, berichtet der Geschäftsführer. „Das separate Ersetzen der beiden alten Maschinen kam dafür nicht infrage. Wir wollten ein Gesamtkonzept.“

Vor einem Jahr sah sich Günthner dann ein solches Konzept bei einem anderen Fertigungsbetrieb an. Sofort war klar: Genau das sollte es sein. Also informierte er sich bei verschiedenen Herstellern und lud sie nach Rottweil ein, wo sie ihren Entwurf vorstellen sollten. Dass man sich schließlich für Holz-Her entschied, geht neben der Maschinentechnik auf eine gute räumliche Anordnung des Konzeptes, die regionale Nähe zum Anbieter und das schlüssige Softwarepaket zurück. Seit Ende Mai ist die Anlage, die parallel zu den damals noch arbeitenden alten Maschinen aufgebaut wurde, im Haus. [...]

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HOLZHER reference customer satisfied with panel storage system, pressure beam saw and nesting machine
Complete solution consisting of combination of saw, storage system and CNC - The HOLZHER customer from Rottweil is convinced

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Simple, fast and sustainable: more details in a downloadable PDF document.

Brochure STORE-MASTER 5110 (PDF, 769 KB)