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Frequently asked questions concerning Digital services

How to register for the WEINIG Machine-Monitoring?

The registration for the WEINIG Machine-Monitoring is possible via the WEINIG Service App.

If you do not have the possibility to register via the WEINIG Service App please write an e-mail to servicenoSpamPlease@weinig.com.


Step 1:

Open the WEINIG Service app and select “Machine Monitor”.

Step 2:

Then select “Not yet activated”, in case you have not received any access data in the past yet.

Step 3:

Please select „Next“.

Step 4:

Please enter your personal information in the mask „Registration“.

Information to the individual fields:

- Please use the e-mail address of your company.
If you do not use the e-mail address of your company, we additionally require a service enquiry to identify you as our customer.

- Please observe our terms of use and our data protection declaration.

After the examination of your data by WEINIG you will receive a verification e-mail containing your password.


In case of need the WEINIG Service will contact you personally.

Which machines can be accessed via Machine-Monitoring?

All web-enabled WEINIG machines starting from May 2017 are prepared for the Machine-Monitoring.

Previous delivered machines can be upgraded upon request.

Technical requirements:


- Registration via the WEINIG Service App, incl. the acceptance of the terms of use and the data protection.
- A WEINIG hardware firewall to assure a safe data transfer.
Possible software update of the control system.
- For older machines an additional hardware adaptation might be necessary.

How to log into the Machine-Monitoring?

You have two possibilities to log into the Machine-Monitoring:


Either you log into the Machine-Monitoring via the WEINIG Service App directly from your smartphone or simply by using your browser on https://cm.weinig.com/mm/

How to send a service request to the WEINIG service team

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