WEINIG Machine-Monitoring

Everything under control – win the digital revolution by using Machine Monitor

For years customers have been using  the digital intelligence of the WEINIG Cloud all over the world. Smart linked machines communicate directly with the WEINIG Cloud which provides information on order details, service intervals, down times and critical sensor data.

Maximum availability of machinery is at the top of priorities. This is why Production analysis and optimizing is essential important. Smart linked machines enable an all- around view of your own production anytime and anywhere.

The WEINIG Machine Monitor includes:

  • Order details and progress tracking, as well as tracking the history of orders produced
  • The possibility of a production analysis in order to optimize your machine availability
  • Standstill notification via SMS or e-mail
  • Sensor-supported predictive maintenance for monitoring critical features of your machine
  • Display of current machine status; daily and weekly analysis

 The WEINIG Machine Monitor offers the following advantages:

  • Your customers’ orders always in view with the order overview
  • Don’t allow your machine a break and reduce your production costs
  • Your machine is sending an automated message, if jobless
  • Best possible availability and a maximum life cycle of your wearing parts due to predictive maintenance
  • Overview of the current production at anytime and from everywhere

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