Series dataset

improved wood recovery

The push-feed saw models of the OptiCut S Dimter Line series cut
- Cut fixed lengths according to a specified cutting list
- Cut out defects (optional)
- Ensure minimum waste or maximum value creation via full optimization of the incoming goods (optional)

All OptiCut S Dimter Line models feature optimization software as standard, which allows you to perform optimized cross-cutting with no additional equipment. The OptiCut S models use the required individual lengths of the cutting list to automatically calculate best combination of lengths that can be achieved from the infeed length.

Equipped with optional
- Automatic length measurement and
- Defect detection by chalk marking
the OptiCut models represent fully-fledged optimizing cross-cut saws for lengthwise cross-cutting.

The software of a Dimter Line OptiCut S optimizing cross-cut saw with positioning pusher ensures optimal wood recovery and, thus, maximum profit. Cross-cutting fixed lengths, defect removal, optimization – optimization can easily save 8% or even more on waste. This means that the OptiCut quickly pays for itself.
The standard production statistics of any OptiCut will give you a quick overview of this and can be easily viewed by contacting the company network. This creates transparency in wood purchasing and production performance.