The OptiCut 200 Exact technical specifications

Saw motor performance7.5 kW
Saw blade Ø500 mm520 mm
Saw blade bore30 mm
Min. cut height12 mm3 mm
Max. cut height80 mm100 mm
Min. cut width30 mm30 mm
Max. cut width260 mm250 mm
Min. incoming length400 mm 
Max. incoming length6300 mm
Min. nominal cross-section30 x 12 mm30 x 3 mm
Max. nominal cross-section

260 x 12 mm

200 x 60 mm

160 x 80 mm

250 x 12 mm

190 x 60 mm

100 x 100 mm

Working height900 mmup to 1800 mm
Cutting tolerance from 500 to 2,500 mm fixed length+/- 0.5 mm+/- 0.5 mm for up to 8 preferred lengths
Thickness tolerance+/- 3 mm
Min. fixed length behind saw140 mm
Min. fixed length at the end of the board140 mm
Max. feed speed250 m/min
Electrical connected loadapprox. 18 kW
Air consumptionapprox. 1200 Nl/min
Operating pressureapprox. 8 bars
Extraction speedapprox. 30 m/s
Extraction volumeapprox. 1800 m3/h