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WEINIG EasyScan: The most profitable solution for wood optimization


Of all the process stages in solid wood processing, cutting offers the greater potential for optimization. No wonder that many companies start here to improve the performance of their production lines. The use of scanner technology also provides a key function. Defect detection via camera and laser is an ultra-efficient instrument in the race for maximum productivity, optimal quality and the shortest delivery times. Speed and accuracy are among the scanner's main attributes.

The results are improved value creation, consistently high product quality and increased profits. Consequently, in large modern companies, the scanner has long been an integral component of the cutting system and has replaced manual workpiece inspection. Smaller companies, on the other hand, often struggle with making the leap into the digital age of production. They have particular reservations in terms of cost-effectiveness. Now the new Weinig EasyScan has arrived to allay all remaining concerns.

The WEINIG EasyScan series provides



Spot landing

Glulam production at the push of a button: The bosses at Stabilame have found an intelligent solution.

From bent, warped beams to straight, visually appealing glulam products is a difficult journey. Rapid throughfeed is less important than the right result. Stabilame in Belgium has discovered perfect quality with an entry-level scanner. 

Rustic, aesthetic visuals are required for the lamellae produced by Stabilame for glulam products and block house walls. Smaller wood defects are tolerated but the work piece must be straight. With diameters of up to 60 cm and large lengths, this is not quite so easy. Mechanical "extrusion" is not an option. However, Stabilame has achieved perfect results with an astute, inexpensive solution. What is surprising is that the solution is based upon scanner technology that is usually at home in rapid processing. Furthermore, in the WEINIG ShapeScan and EasyScan models, even compact entry-level technology has proven completely adequate for the demanding application. In the ShapeScan, a sensor initially measures the curvature and/or warping of the products sorted by strength. The calculated data is fed into the subsequent optimization on the EasyScan. The WEINIG OptiCut 450 Quantum then processes the cutting list in accordance with the pre-defined quality. Stabilame are impressed. Particularly since the system, including charging, can even work unmanned during throughfeed. All that remains is to de-stack the pallet of raw timber in advance.

Glulam production at the push of a button: The bosses at Stabilame have found an intelligent solution.

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Simple, fast and sustainable: more details in a downloadable PDF document.

EasyScan brochure (PDF, 1 MB)

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