An example of window scantlings / windows – using WEINIG system solutions

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Window scantlings are manufactured using layered gluing of lamellae in order to obtain an homogeneous and stable product that is of a sufficiently high standard for use as window timber.

The most popular scantling consists of three or four glued lamellae. On the outer layers, cover lamellae are applied that are free of knots and any faults on one side. The middle layer is usually of lower quality. The scantlings can only have finger jointing in the middle layer, but also in all three layers.

Further finishing is applied to the window scantlings for window frames and casements.

Our system solution

We can provide you with perfectly harmonized system solutions that match your required capacity levels and investment:

  1. Material feeding
  2. Pre-planing
  3. Scanning of workpieces more
  4. Optimizing cutting
  5. Packaging and finger jointing more
  6. Curing of the finger jointed lamellae
  7. Planing lamellae
  8. Gluing and Joining more

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