Weinig Luxscan Luxembourg: High demand makes it necessary to move

The Weinig subsidiary Luxscan moved into bigger premises at its Luxembourg site. The reason for this is the continued strong demand for Weinig scanners.

2) Hightech Center: the new Luxscan site

Luxscan has been growing for years. Recently the company gained significant impetus from the production of entry-level scanners, which made the technology interesting for an even broader clientele. The EasyScan model and its upgraded version EasyScan+ feature an attractive technology transfer from the particularly powerful CombiScan series and have immediately established themselves in the market. This development was not without consequences: “For the second time in a short period our site became too small, and we had to take action”, recalls Luxscan Managing Director Jean-Philippe Hildebrand. Luxscan made its first move in 2014, when it expanded the existing premises by a supplementary building located 12 km from the main site. A temporary solution that raised logistical problems. Following approval by Weinig headquarters, the company recently moved into a new building that offers enough space for all departments. With an area of 1000 sqm, the assembly area and the warehouse take up most of the space. Now there is also enough room for Research and Development. This is also true for Service, which has always been accorded high significance at Luxscan. On an area of 220 sqm, the new showroom accommodates the entire product range, from the latest high-speed series CombiScan EVO and the EasyScan+ entry-level scanners to the Match-Scan systems for color-sorting. In the showroom customers are able to test the scanners extensively with their own wood. In the light of what has been learned from earlier bottlenecks, the new building even has some space in reserve. “The new environment is future-oriented and allows us to respond adequately to the continued increase in demand”, said Jean-Philippe Hildebrand.

Luxscan began producing scanners in Luxembourg in 1998. In 2007 the company was integrated into the Weinig group. Initially the company lacked the prerequisites for increasing its capacities, despite a positive development. However, this changed with the first expansion in 2014. The monthly production output rose by one third. After the move the trend continued upward: In the first three quarters of the year 2016, as many scanners as in the entire previous year left the factory. “We expect a significant increase at the end of the year, compared to 2015”, states optimistically Raphael Vogrig, founder of the company .