WEINIG finger jointing lines: The fastest way to create higher value

Finger jointing is recognized as the most stable method of wood length joints. And if you require this technology, there's no better exponent than WEINIG. We are the specialists and have been number 1 on the market for over 25 years. WEINIG finger jointing technology is focused on maximum precision. This means minimal dimensional allowance, wood losses and operating costs. All systems are extremely user-friendly. This makes residual wood processing and upgrading by finger jointing profitable and easy for you!

The flexible modular design allows machines to be equipped according to your individual requirements. This enables high flexibility for standardized as well as customer-specific solutions, regardless of whether the systems have raw wood entry lengths, smaller or larger than 1,000 mm. The principle can be used for all performance classes: From the ProfiJoint entry model to the Ultra, CombiPact and Turbo-S models up to the high-performance class with the HS120 and HS200 horizontal finger jointing lines. In short: WEINIG system concepts are designed to meet the highest demands in quality for all performance classes.


WEINIG Kurzholzanlagen

进料速度从 6 m/min 到 70 m/min

  • 指接型面适用于所有领域
  • 最大的指接精度和稳定性
  • 性能稳定强大
  • 高产能,可达200块/分钟(28千米/8小时-班)
  • 操作方便简单
细节页面 短料指接生产线


WEINIG Konstruktionsanlagen

进料速度可达 120 m/min

  • 可进行垂直和水平指接
  • 进料长度可达2米,3米,4米,甚至6米
  • 铣齿高度可达(木料宽度)300mm
  • 所有类型的胶黏剂均可使用
  • 端头压机、滚压机、周期压机或者连续通过式压机均可使用
细节页面 结构材指接生产线


WEINIG Kompaktanlagen

进料速度可达 70 m/min

  • 不同的生产线结构都非常紧凑
  • 压力可达20,30甚至40吨
  • 产能3.5~15次/分钟
  • 可选配隔音罩
  • 可连续生产
细节页面 紧凑型指接生产线


进料速度可达 160 (200) m/min

  • 每个工件可单独对其加工
  • 高性能生产线,产能可达160(200)米/分钟
  • 配有自动进料和码垛系统
细节页面 单根木料指接线



进料速度可达 160 (200) m/min

  • 无间断接长加压
  • 无停顿锯切
  • 所有的错位可以重新对齐
  • 可以与高性能的铣齿机组合使用
  • 接长加压后可以直接进行刨光
细节页面 连续通过式接长压机