WEINIG is one of the seven world leaders in woodworking machinery together with BIESSE, BÜRKLE, HOMAG, IMA SCHELLING, SCM and WEBER, who have worked together as a team in defining a standardized interface to connect all their woodworking machines, machine to machine, and machines to the customers' Manufacturing Execution Systems.


The easier it is for machines to "talk to each other" and exchange information independently of manufacturers, the faster and better the potential of networking and digitalisation can be tapped.

The WEINIG Group is heavily involved in the international organisation Eumabois to define and establish the OPC-UA communication standard in the woodworking industry.

The standardised interface is called "izy" and was first published in autumn 2021.

All modules of our digitisation solutions (App Suite, Control Suite and viaConnectorEdge) already have the izy interface since autumn 2021.

What is "izy"?

Izy refers to the Companion Specification in the woodworking industry.

A current description of the information model (Companion Spec) can be found at the following link:


PDF Version

Examples of the "izy" information model

In order to obtain a concrete example of the izy information model, WEINIG has prepared two sample servers.


The first example corresponds to the minimum configuration of the OPC UA model. Example two, on the other hand, is the maximum configuration, which has implemented all optional elements.

We would also like to refer you to the internet blog of "Umati":


Examples of the "izy" interface in the WEINIG APP

In order to be able to see at any time how a third-party machine can be visualised via the "izy" interface, we have integrated a third-party machine into our App Suite demo user. This sends its data exclusively in the "izy" information model.

Just try it out in our App Suite.

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