An example of cross laminated timber – using WEINIG system solutions

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The abbreviation cross laminated timber (CLT) is the umbrella term for solid wood panels used in the building industry. CLT is composed of multiple panels that are arranged at right angles and are diagonally superimposed on top of each other.

A high level of structural stability is achieved by the diagonal structure of a minimum of three positions. Similarly to veneered plywood, this significantly reduces the amount of expansion and contraction of the wood.

Our system solution

We can provide you with perfectly harmonized production lines – that match your required capacity levels and investment:

  1. Material infeed   
  2. Cross cutting
  3. Finger jointing
  4. Glue curing station
  5. Planer
  6. Distribution of longitudinal / cross layers
  7. Longitudinal layer press
  8. Fixed length cutting of cross layers
  9. Cross layer press
  10. Single-layer panel storage 
  11. Vacuum portal
  12. Aligning station
  13. Surface gluing
  14. CLT-press
  15. Grinder

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