Original WEINIG hydro-tools: Perfect surfaces at high speed

WEINIG hydro-tools deliver outstanding surface quality at maximum feed speeds in series production. The tool system leaves no scope for tolerances for fit.


Tools with hydro-clamping

These tools are clamped hydraulically and not mechanically. There are channels and chambers in the cutter head which have been filled with grease. The pressure in the channels is raised to 300 bar with a high-pressure grease gun. This causes the walls of the grease chambers to expand and the cutter head clamps centrically onto the spindle, free from play. Onto the spindle of the tool grinding machine exactly the same as in the machine. Once the pressure is released, the clamping is released and the tool can be easily removed from the spindle.

Thanks to hydro-clamping, the true running accuracy achieved on the grinding machine can be completely transferred to the moulder. With this tool, too, there is no tolerance for fit after clamping.