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You are looking for new sales opportunities – the Weinig Group is looking for powerful suppliers.

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Bernd Finke

Michael Weinig AG
Weinigstraße 2/4
97941 Tauberbischofsheim

Telephone: +49 9341 861145


Our demands of components are based on material groups of the strategic purchasing

MG 1:cables + lines, signal-/control units, control cabinets
MG 2:safety and measurement engineering
MG 3:monitors, visualization, touch, operating units
MG 4:linear technology
MG 5:pneumatic
MG 6:machine barriers, safety guards
MG 7:DIN-/standard parts, fastening elements
MG 8:frequency converters, braking units, motors
MG 9:gear motors
MG 10:plant construction, welding, assembly units
MG 11:cast iron parts, modeling
MG 12:half-finished products, raw materials


Here you find the responsible persons of the strategic purchasing

Responsible personTelephoneE-Mail
MG 1:Heinrich Döring+49 9341 
MG 2:Thomas Rattey+43 3142
MG 3:Martin Gentner+49 7303 
MG 4:Jürgen Bundschuh+49 9341 
MG 5:Sandra Proßnegg+43 3142 
MG 6:Barbara Wehe+49 5181 
MG 7:Martin Gentner+49 7303 
MG 8:Heinrich Döring+49 9341 
MG 9:Martin Gentner+49 7303 
MG 10:Sven Blum+49 761 
MG 11:Jürgen Bundschuh+49 9341 
MG 12:Thomas Rattey+43 3142 

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