Supplier information

You are looking for new sales opportunities – the Weinig Group is looking for powerful suppliers.

Please go in contact with us to be our possible supplier in the future. Please contact the contact persons listed below according to product group. 

Our demands of components are based on material groups of the strategic purchasing

MG 1:cables + lines, signal-/control units, control cabinets
MG 2:safety and measurement engineering
MG 3:monitors, visualization, touch, operating units
MG 4:linear technology
MG 5:pneumatic
MG 6:machine barriers, safety guards
MG 7:DIN-/standard parts, fastening elements
MG 8:frequency converters, braking units, motors
MG 9:gear motors
MG 10:plant construction, welding, assembly units
MG 11:cast iron parts, modeling
MG 12:half-finished products, raw materials


Here you find the responsible persons of the strategic purchasing

Responsible personTelephoneE-Mail
MG 1:Heinrich Döring+49 9341 
MG 2:Thomas Rattey+43 3142
MG 3:Martin Gentner+49 7303 
MG 4:Jürgen Bundschuh+49 9341 
MG 5:Sandra Proßnegg+43 3142 
MG 6:Barbara Wehe+49 5181 
MG 7:Martin Gentner+49 7303 
MG 8:Heinrich Döring+49 9341 
MG 9:Martin Gentner+49 7303 
MG 10:Sven Blum+49 761 
MG 11:Jürgen Bundschuh+49 9341 
MG 12:Thomas Rattey+43 3142 

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