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CNC machines for solid wood and panels: CNC machining solutions to make you even more potent in competition

Investments in state-of-the-art CNC machines are worthwhile. Furniture and components even with complex designs can be produced economically and precisely. Latest generation control technology, drives and software ensure virtually unlimited possibilities. CNC machines designed for efficient and accurate machining of solid wood, panels, windows and doors, composite material and aerospace.

Awake the potential of the CNC machines of the EPICON series. The CNC-machining centres are distinguished by their solid design and maximum flexibility. Every EPICON is preconfigured at the factory for your special range of applications to ensure that you can always count on its comprehensive standard equipment.

The 5-axis EPICON CNC machines offer state-of-the-art CNC technology for cutting 3D contours. The software provided with the machine provides an open interface for transfer of complex 3D data via postprocessors from leading CAD / CAM software providers. The 5-axis EPICON series provides extremely short feed and acceleration values. The unique 17 kW cutting spindle with PRO-TORQUE technology turns the HOLZ-HER 5-axis CNC machine into true power packages for machining operations with highest processing quality.

CNC Machines EPICON Series

Success on two linear rails

  • CAMPUS Machine Control
  • With 5 interpolating axes
  • Effective machining height up to 300 mm
  • 10 year guarantee on all linear guides
  • Machining in X direction: up to 7,280 mm
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CNC machines PRO-MASTER 70 series

Professional CNC technology for universal machining

Professional CNC technology for universal machining

  • CAMPUS Machine Control
  • With 3 or 4 Interpolating Axes
  • Effective Machining Height up to 180 mm
  • Machining in X Direction: Up to 5,340 mm
  • Machining in Y Direction: Up to 1,287 mm
Detail page PRO-MASTER 70 series