Planer automation: For maximum added value with your planing machines and moulders

The performance potential of machines or systems can only be fully exploited if the peripherals are suitable. In addition to increasing performance and efficiency, the integration of different value-added steps and the optimization of material yield play an important role.

WEINIG offers not only a great variety of machines and applications for planing and moulding, it also offers you the corresponding automation solutions, ranging from simple loading magazines and fully automated lines to special applications such as for handling MDF.

With the level of automation you can decide how far you want to exploit the amazing capabilities of your machine. The modular system is flexible and will grow with your needs. Whether your aim is high throughput with fewer personnel, integration of several work steps that would otherwise be performed manually, or maximum ease of use – the choice is yours.

Your customized WEINIG planer and moulder automation perfectly handles each of your work steps from the raw timber stack to the finished packaged product. This includes destacking, cutting to length, feeding, grading, sorting, bundling, stacking, packing – and much more.

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