We take responsibility – with sustainable solutions for a healthy environment.

As a world market leader, we are aware of our particular responsibility towards nature and society. This includes responsible management of the renewable resource of wood and other valuable resources – as well as partnership and collaboration with our employees, customers and suppliers worldwide. An attitude that we underline with our commitment to Blue Competence – the sustainability initiative of German machine and systems manufacturers.

Blue Competence

Blue Competence defines sustainability criteria and standards that provide greater transparency, orientation and certainty in the quest for sustainable companies. This includes all business and product units, from design to operation and proper disposal of products.

Together, Members of Blue Compentence are committed to ensuring that the machine and systems production of today fulfills the challenges of tomorrow - whether in energy and air-conditioning, electro-mobility, water supply and wastewater discharge or building services. Areas that will continue to define a sustainable quality of life in the future.