Finger jointing with WEINIG: for a strong connection

Finger jointing is recognized as the most stable method of creating length joints between two solid wood or wooden composite components. It is used in order to produce very long wood components or to separate out branches and cracks which lower the strength. Using finger joints it is possible to joint short pieces of wood into one, in principle, infinitely long strand of wood.

It is produced using a longitudinal joint with high initial force (self clamping), which is then always glued. As a result of the constant crossover between the two connected parts it also has a correspondingly high flexural strength. These characteristics mean that it is superior to steel-wood joints as well as other wood-wood joints. Finger jointed components can almost achieve the same strength as components grown in one piece, given the ideal conditions in terms of production and quality assurance.

Using WEINIG finger jointing technology makes residual wood processing and upgrading particularly profitable and easy for you!

WEINIG products and solutions for finger jointing

WEINIG offers a comprehensive product portfolio for finger jointing for almost every area of application. From the finger jointing line for short timber pieces to the through-feed press.

WEINIG Short timber finger jointing lines

WEINIG Kurzholzanlagen

Feed speed from 6 m/min up to 70 m/min

  • Finger joint profiles for all areas of use
  • Maximum precision and stability of finger joints
  • Robust and powerful
  • High operational capacity, up to 200 pieces/min (28 km/8h-shiftr)
  • Convenient and user-friendly
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WEINIG Constructional timber lines

WEINIG Konstruktionsanlagen

Feed speed up to 120 m/min

  • Vertical and horizontal jointing is possible
  • Long wood entry length such as 2 m, 3 m, 4 m or even 6 m
  • Shaper heights (timber width) up to 300 mm
  • Almost all glue types possible
  • Front-end, extrusion, cycle or through-feed presses possible
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WEINIG Compact finger jointing lines

WEINIG Kompaktanlagen

Feed speeds up to 70 m/min

  • Very compact construction of different lines
  • Pressing force of 20, 30 or even 40 tonnes
  • Capacities of 3.5 up to 15 joints/min possible
  • Optionally available with additional sound insulation cabinet
  • Production of an endless phase
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WEINIG Single board lines

Feed speed up to 160 (200) m/min

  • Every work piece is individually aligned and processed.
  • High-performance lines for capacities up to 180 (200) m/min.
  • With automatic feeding system and stacking solutions
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WEINIG Through-feed press

WEINIG Durchlaufpresse

Feed speed up to 160 (200) m/min

  • Pressing without stopping
  • Cutting (sawing) without stopping
  • All offset joints are realigned
  • Can be combined with all high-performance finger joint shapers
  • Direct planing after the press is possible
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