Furniture and single-part production with WEINIG: One machine - every possibility

Complex parts, numerous contours, all batch sizes, highest requirements


The Conturex profiling center from WEINIG is a sensational innovation on the market: Sawing, shaping, drilling, grinding - and producing parts with very different contours in one single operation. Quick, precise, perfect. Profitable, even if only one part is produced. Developed on the basis of the latest production technology: Clamping system technology, CNC control, AlphaCam software, 2 processing units, 2 tool magazines.

The benefits are a numerous as the possibilities:

  • High production rate
  • Perfect accuracy of size
  • Outstanding surface quality
  • Uninterrupted production because there are no setup times
  • Production without manpower using automation
  • Drastically reduced costs for parts
  • Significantly lower storage costs

WEINIG products and solutions for production of furniture and individual parts

Furniture, individual parts and much more - whenever maximum flexibility is required in the production, WEINIG CNC processing centers are the first choice:

WEINIG Conturex series

WEINIG Conturex

Profiling series for trade and industry

  • Complete processing in one clamping process
  • Processing without processing times even for small lot sizes
  • Automation enables less manpower in production
  • Maximum flexibility as a result of the large tool magazine
  • Energy feedback modules means savings in energy
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