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CNC machines PRO-MASTER 70 series: Professional CNC Technology for Universal Machining

The PRO-MASTER 70 series from HOLZ-HER makes it easier than ever to decide in favor of efficient CNC technology. The 70 series offers rational machining and a high level of flexibility especially for production of case parts. With 180 mm from the top of the suction cups, the 70 series from HOLZ-HER offers the maximum working height in its class.

This well-thought-through concept offers solutions for all applications – choose the right model for your application. State-of-the-art safety concepts give you the choice between patented 3-field foot mats, safety bumpers or light grids. This allows you to match the HOLZ-HER machining centers individually and reliably to your operating situation.

Always included – the CAMPUS control with integrated CabinetControl Base software. Our high quality, user-friendly HOLZ-HER machine control system is an integral part of the machine’s design. The equipment package includes CAMPUS / NC Hops with office and machine license and full-fledged aCADemy CAD software. The integrated CabinetControl Base furniture design software rounds out this premium package.

Your choice – perfectly matched to your requirements as PRO-MASTER 7017 classic and performance or the more powerful version, the PRO-MASTER 7018 premium.

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HOLZ-HER PRO-MASTER 7018 premium

HOLZ-HER PRO-MASTER 7018 premium - cnc technique for woodworking - cnc woodworking machines

The all round talent with complete equipment package

  • Standard on Full Equipment Version
  • Powerful Cutting Spindles
  • Extremely Flexible with 4.5 Axes
  • Easy-To-Operate Consoles
  • Precision Direct Drives
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HOLZ-HER PRO-MASTER 7017 performance

cnc machine from Holzher: efficient pendular processing for high productivity

Efficient pendular processing for high productivity

  • High Level of Standard Features
  • Effective Pendular Processing
  • Powerful Cutting Spindles
  • Easy-To-Operate Consoles
  • Precision Direct Drives
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HOLZ-HER PRO-MASTER 7017 classic - cnc machining centre for wood

cnc machining wood: overall view of HOLZ-HER PRO-MASTER 7017 classic

Genuine formatting and drilling center and much more...

  • Compact, High Performance Package
  • Leading From the Start
  • Powerful Cutting Spindles
  • Easy-To-Operate Consoles
  • Precision Direct Drives
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“Snooze à la Carte” with high quality water beds

The Kobe Carpentry Shop in Reutlingen uses a variety of HOLZHER machines

The Kobe Carpentry Shop in Reutlingen has been a loyal HOLZ-HER customer for many years. This year, proprietor Michael Kobe and his team purchased a new LUMINA 1380 edgebander. Following an AURIGA 1308 edgebander, a PRO-MASTER 7018 CNC machining center and a CUT 6120 horizontal pressure beam saw this is the fourth machine from the quality manufacturer HOLZ-HER in Nürtingen. Master Carpenter Tobias Ernst is enthusiastic about the new high tech edgebander: The LUMINA has a change-over station to ensure perfectly invisible joints with laser edging as well as with PUR glue without requiring a great amount of time to change attachments.

This three-man shop in Reutlingen has specialized in building water and box spring beds. It has adopted the motto “Snooze à la Carte“. The carpentry shop works with a state-of-the-art measuring system to ensure custom sleeping comfort at the highest level. The components and frames are produced in the company’s own workshop to customer specifications. In addition to high quality beds, in the meantime the carpentry shop is now producing more and more exclusive bedroom furniture and interior finishing elements. The carpentry shop’s products can be viewed in their exhibition rooms in Böblingen and Reutlingen.

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Loyal HOLZHER customer with LUMINA 1380 edgebander: Kobe in Reutlingen
Reference customer for HOLZHER LUMINA edgebander: Kobe in Reutlingen
Loyal HOLZHER customer Kobe in Reutlingen with PRO-MASTER 7018 CNC machining center