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NEW: Glu Jet with iTronic - The components for intelligent edgebanding

The automatic, demand-adjusted control of your edge banding machines. The various iTronic functions support your production - for standard zero joints. All features at a glance:

  • Adaptive cutting knife: Whether thin edge or thick veneer edge - always the right power.
  • Adaptive pressure unit: Solid wood or thin edge - the pressure combination always fits.
  • Automatic glue quantity control: MDF or chipboard - always perfect glue application.
  • Automatic rinsing routine: Clean at the touch of a button.
  • Residual adhesive quantity monitoring: Always know what's still possible.

1. Adaptive cutting knife

Whether thin edge or thick veneer edge - always the right power. Fully adaptive cutting knife that automatically adjusts the pressure according to the edge thickness and height. Your advantages:

  • Always the right pressure for different edge types
  • Avoidance of unnecessary vibrations
  • Reduction of wear and tear

2. Adaptive pressure unit

Solid wood or thin edge - the pressure combination always fits. Depending on the application, the contact pressure of the individual pressure rollers is perfectly adjusted via an intelligent pneumatic system. Your advantages:

  • You reduce scrap rates to a minimum
  • Sample workpieces are virtually omitted
  • Best machining results even with constantly changing applications

3. Automatic glue quantity control

MDF or chipboard - the glue application is always perfect. Automatic, demand-adjusted control of the adhesive quantity via program selection.

Always the optimal glue application:

  • different types of boards, e.g. chipboard or MDF
  • different board thicknesses
  • different feed rates
  • EVA or PUR adhesive
  • Adaptation to processing parameters of different adhesive manufacturers

4. Automatic rinsing routine

Clean at the touch of a button. Integrated fully automatic rinsing routine for PUR adhesives in the control system at the touch of a button. This ensures that the unit is fully rinsed automatically with the correct amount of cleaner, temperature and contact pressure. (Cleaning is necessary after 48 h = reaction time of the PUR). Your advantages:

  • Best system on the market
  • PUR glue always under control
  • Avoidance of errors during the rinsing process

5. Residual adhesive quantity monitoring

Always know what's still possible. The system automatically monitors the remaining amount of adhesive and thus the running meters that can still be produced via a special sensor and displays it to the operator on the control system. Your advantages:

  • The operator knows at any time how many linear meters can still be produced
  • Professional monitoring of the rinsing process
  • Optimization of the residual adhesive quantity in the system during the rinsing process

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