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Optimizing cross-cut saws with positioning pusher: As universal and diverse as the requirements of your customers

Cross-cutting –a simple process with more benefits than you might think - increased productivity, value creation, protection of resources and, not least, profit. Ultimately, every workpiece must be cross-cut at some point during production. With an OptiCut S from the Dimter Line you can automate and optimize your lengthwise cross-cutting, guaranteeing you reliably high daily performance and production quality.

Whether cutting single boards or packages of boards, profiles or rods in solid wood, derived timber products or even plastics, all of this is possible with the automatic optimizing cross-cut saws with positioning pushers from the Dimter Line OptiCut S series - and with no long setup times. The OptiCut S series from the cross-cut saw specialist offers you the necessary flexibility in your production and supports you with the challenges of day-to-day work.

Every production run has its own different requirements and options. The modular design of the OptiCut S series enables us to tailor your saw precisely to your wishes and requirements. Starting with the OptiCut S 50, an individual machine, to the fully-automatic, linked OptiCut S 90 cross-cut line from the Dimter Line with automatic charging of the machine and automatic stacker at the outfeed, we can offer the right solution for you – everything from a single source.

Our close contact with you "our customers" and focus on our core skill of "cross-cutting" has made us the technology leader. The high quality and availability of our machines in day-to-day production make "OptiCut" saws synonymous with length-optimized cross-cutting. This is evidenced by our "OptiCut 450 Quantum Dimter Line - the fastest saws in the world"

WEINIG OptiCut S 50

WEINIG OptiCut S 50

Optimizing cross-cut saws with positioning pusher: Perfect entry into automatic cross-cutting for small business and industry

WEINIG OptiCut S 90 series

WEINIG OptiCut S 90-Serie

Optimizing cross-cut saws with positioning pusher: As universal and diverse as the requirements of your customers

  • More flexibility, quality and performance with every cut
  • A true multi-talent - added value guaranteed
  • Cutting of single boards and packages of boards
  • improved wood recovery
  • Simple handling and operation
Detail page OptiCut S 90 series


Transatlantic quality alliance

The first window: Good prospects for the Menck USA team

The North American window market is becoming more demanding. A good environment to start a model for the future combining Germany technological know-how with windows "made in USA".

Hurricanes and icy temperatures are nothing unusual in Massachusetts. The ideal environment for production of quality windows with triple glazing. And home to Menck Windows USA Inc., a joint venture of German company Menck, since 2013. With self-produced, energy-efficient window and door components, the company aims to secure a share of the major US market. The signs are promising. Energy-saving standards, certification guidelines and tax incentives have significantly stimulated the window market in the USA. There is particular investment in the prestige market segment. However, high demands from customers require first-class production technology. Little surprise, therefore, that Menck turned to WEINIG. Since the start of the year, its windows have been produced on a Conturex CNC processing center – the first of its kind in the USA. The system is respectfully referred to as a "factory in a shoe box" at Menck USA. The Conturex performs the work of several standard single machines in a single pass. Every two minutes, it produces a new, completely processed part. With a ValuRip, an OptiCut S 90 and a Powermat 1200, Menck has also placed its trust in WEINIG know-how in terms of ripping, cross-cutting and profiling. The entire system is networked via MillVision Pro production software, offering optimal efficiency in production.


There is room in the smallest hut

Networking specialist Son Stefan has an overview of the whole system

In the timber-rich Italian Puster valley, there are numerous carpenters. This makes differentiation important. Weissteiner does this with a clear strategy that also takes account of the cramped conditions.

Many machines, little room – such is the situation in the Weissteiner father and son workshop.. Despite this, there are never any traffic jams. The completely modernized production facility is a strong process-oriented system with optimal interfaces. Carefully assembled to drive forward the specialization in high-quality solid wood panels. Stefan Weissteiner: "It was important for us to be able to receive everything from a single source and that the machines are equipped with the same user interface," he recalls.

The central component of the system is an OptiCut C 700 cross-cut saw, which performs the heavy cutting. A VarioRip 310 M multi-blade rip saw is responsible for splitting the boards. With its two adjustable saw blades, the machine significantly improves wood recovery. An OptiCut S 50 push-feed saw cuts the lamellae for the solid wood panels. The machine is integrated into the CAD/CAM software and receives all parts lists via the office. A bar code printer ensures perfect part tracking in subsequent processing. Gluing is performed by a ProfiPress L 2500 with high frequency technology. "The compact design of the machines is ideal for our little workshop," says the senior partner. "Unlike previously, we can now also perform glued butt joints and create panels almost free from offsetting." On the market, the WEINIG machine concept has opened up new opportunities for the operation. Other carpenters are interested in solid wood panels but production is only possible with a state-of-the-art machine park. A particular advantage is the flexibility in terms of thickness, length and width and, above all, production in batch sizes of 1.