Universal cutting with WEINIG: everything on one machine

Panel formatting means cutting panel materials (solid wood, chipboard MDF, synthetic material, etc.) to the predefined size.

Cutting can take place longitudinally, transversely and diagonally. Individual work pieces can be processed, but also panel packages.

WEINIG has decades of experience in panel cutting, and this guarantees that the machines are designed to give precision and high performance.

For you, this means:

  • optimal material yield
  • cutting to the precise size

WEINIG products and solutions for universal cutting

For universal cutting , the WEINIG product portfolio offers the FlexiRip series, the synonym for flexible cutting saws.

WEINIG FlexiRip series


The longitudinal circular saw for flexible cutting in operations from the small workshop to industrial series production.

  • Efficient and powerful ripping
  • Optimum material yield
  • Comprehensive safety concept
  • Can be integrated in pre-cutting systems
  • Innovative mechanical engineering
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