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WEINIG Short timber finger jointing lines: Unrivaled in all performance classes as a result of the modular system

The flexible modular design allows machines to be set up according to your individual requirements.

The use of specific modules means that both standard and customer-specific solutions can be found – for both finger jointing lines with wood entry lengths below 1,000 mm and for finger jointing lines with wood entry lengths above 1,000 mm.

The principle can be used for all performance classes: From the ProfiJoint entry model to the Ultra, CombiPact and Turbo-S models up to the high-performance class with the HS120 and HS200 horizontal finger jointing lines. All in all, lines for the highest quality standards in all performance classes, the commercial production of, for example: Solid wood panels or window scantlings.

Invest in a finger jointing line and use your residue wood to produce a valuable, high-quality product.

Top quality jointing
Very short setup times
Fast, simple setup

Can be retrofitted to optimize performance and enable automation.

All machines

WEINIG ProfiJoint

WEINIG Kurzholzanlagen

Enormous performance potential for those starting out

  • Incredibly easy to operate
  • Compact option
  • Shortest depreciation time
  • For vertical and horizontal finger joints
  • For 4 mm, 10/11 mm and 15/16.5 mm finger joint lengths
Detail page  ProfiJoint

WEINIG ProfiJoint Combination

WEINIG Kurzholzanlagen

ProfiJoint Combination

  • Creation of special finger joint profiles
  • Double performance of a ProfiJoint individual shaper
  • Also available as a completely automatic system
  • Vibration stop, package monitoring and splinter protection for high product quality
  • Maintenance-free Weinig shaper spindle
Detail page  ProfiJoint Combination

WEINIG Ultra/Ultra TT 1000

WEINIG Kurzholzanlagen

Ultra finger jointing line — the powerful mid-level option

  • Frequency or servo-controlled shaper table feed
  • Infeed length up to 1,000 mm (optional also up to 1,500 mm)
  • Semiautomatic to fully automatic system configuration possible
  • Shaper heights up to 205 mm (optional also 225 mm)
  • Performance doubling from Ultra to Ultra TT
Detail page  Ultra / Ultra TT 1000

WEINIG CombiPact

WEINIG Kurzholzanlagen

The flexible line for vertical and horizontal profiles

  • Frequency regulated shaper table feed
  • Fully automatic system for the higher performance area
  • Shaper combination in very compact construction form
  • Universal system for all types of finger joint
  • Almost all types of glue can be used
Detail page  CombiPact

WEINIG Turbo-S 1000

WEINIG Kurzholzanlagen

The whole package for the highest performance and demands

  • Servo drive for the shaper table feed
  • Fully automatic system for the higher performance area
  • Shaper combination with many buffer places for highest performance
  • Universal system for all types of finger joint
  • Almost all types of glue can be used
Detail page  Turbo-S 1000

WEINIG HS 120 / HS 200

HS 200 Spinfeed

The nonplus ultra of the high-performance class

  • From a manual to a fully automatic system
  • Heavy cast iron construction of the shaper body
  • Shortest wood entry length 110 mm
  • (Wood) quality monitoring, defective parts are automatically identified and removed
  • Glue monitoring using a scanner (optional)
Detail page  HS 120 / HS 200

WEINIG finger jointing line for short timber pieces offers you


A sector with huge potential

WIN-WIN-Situation für Lieferant und Kunde: Manfred Ness von WEINIG (rechts) mit Tricor-Projektleiter Maik Christmann

Gigantic would be the right word to describe the Tricor Packaging & Logistics AG production facility in Eppishausen/Germany. Every hour, the fully-automated WEINIG production line produces around 360 pallets for in-house use.

Freight transport is one of the world's major growth markets. Manufacturers of wooden packaging are also benefiting from this. One outstanding representative of the sector isTricor, the European market leader in heavy-duty corrugated cardboard packaging. Customers come primarily from the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors as well as the electronics, medical technology and chem-ical industries. For a long time, the company purchased its annual requirement of 1,300,000 special pallets externally. Then they turned to WEINIG. Besides increased productivity, im-proving the value chain was also on their wish list. In June 2017, a highly automated cutting system was delivered to the Eppishausen plant. Central components comprise three parallel OptiCut 260 optimizing cross-cuts saws with Variospeed infeed belt and downstream sort-ing as well as an Ultra TT finger-jointing line for leftover pieces from 150 mm. The finger-joint-ed lamellae are then fed back into production. Only three employees produce up to 360 pallets per hour on the high-performance production line, which is linked to a Corali pallet system. For a pallet measuring 1,220 x 820 mm, this equates to approx. 80 m/min of incoming materials to the cross-cut saws or around 30,000 running meters per shift. The system is charged via vacuum destacking, which takes up to three infeed stacks simulta-neously with three different wood dimensions. The boards are checked via automatic humidity measurement before a layer allocator assigns one dimension to each of the three saws. Dr. Mario Kordt, Managing Director of Weinig Dimter, underlines WEINIG’s special position in the packaging segment: “With our technology, we provide a unique service to an area that ranges from 2-man operations to the industrial sector.” With WEINIG’s expertise in cutting, gluing and scanning, the WEINIG Group customer receives from a single source everything that is needed to ensure the efficient and economic production of pallets and wooden packaging.

A WIN-WIN situation for supplier and customer: Manfred Ness from WEINIG (right) with Tricor project manager Maik Christmann

Making good connections

Finger jointing is the best procedure for producing stable longitudinal joints. When the quality is right, lasting connections can be made that reach as far as Malaysia. Tiger Excellent has demonstrated this with a new show of faith. 

Tiger Excellent Wood is a leading manufacturer of semi-finished products from the plantation wood "rubberwood" in Malaysia. Following positive past experiences with complete provider WEINIG, company boss Tiger You has recently made a number of additions to his value chain. With WEINIG, he has always found the components he needed to make his production more efficient and to improve the quality of his products. As a result, a close connection has been formed. Tiger You's most recent coup was to invest in a HS 200+ high-performance finger jointing line with a capacity of 240 parts per minute. In conjunction with the company's existing WEINIG scanner and cross-cutting system, the new technology has helped the company to achieve further increases in capacity with significantly higher wood recovery. Material and wood savings are boosted considerably by the GlueEye Vision automatic glue application monitoring and the Trimsaver measuring and positioning system, which can save 100,000 running meters of wood per year. Other priorities of the Malaysian entrepreneur included robust machine technology and simple operation. The reliable HS 200+ high-tech flat finger jointing line has allowed him to take his production to new levels despite some challenging climatic conditions and the basic qualifications of some of his personnel. 

The right connection: left to right Jacky Tan (Tiger Excellent Wood), Dirk Bartens (WEINIG Grecon), Tiger You (Managing Director of Tiger Excellent Wood) and Sunny Wee (WEINIG Asia)

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