My machines / machine list

  • Assign your own alias names and numbers
  • Individual selection options for machine comparison
  • Add locations and group machine (e.g. in production lines)
  • Selection of the machines is saved including time interval per session within all viaCockpit functions
  • Set the order of the machine


  • Stay up to date on activities and important events of the machine at any time and any place
  • Configurable push and email notifications
  • Support of all viaCockpit functions
  • Notifications e.g. about order is finished, machine malfunction 10 minutes, message is pending 7 minutes

Launch viaNotifications

  • Never miss anything again!
    Be informed about important eventsof the machines always and at any place with viaNotifications
  • Configurable push and email notifications
  • Support of all viaCockpit functions
  • Smartphones, Tablets and Browser


  • Improvement of the performance
  • Favorites at viaMaintain and viaCondition
  • Integration of a "Today-Button"
  • Online reference App User approval

Real-time monitoring with the WEINIG App Suite

Being connected to the cloud provides up-to-date information on current orders, service intervals, downtimes and critical sensor data. Maximum system availability is a top priority. Production analysis and optimization are therefore essential. The monitoring functions of the WEINIG App Suite provide an all-round view of your own production at any time and anywhere. 

Click here to see the web application 


  • Displays your current and historical machine status 
  • Cost reduction through optimization of set-up and idle times
  • Trend analysis, daily and weekly views 
  • Reduced downtime due to shorter response times


  • Displays current messages, errors and alerts
  • Overview of historical messages
  • Increased machine availability through simplified detection of frequent causes of malfunctions


  • Clear presentation of order details and production progress
  • Displays the order history
  • Fast feedback on customer enquiries regarding production progress - even remotely


  • Overview of upcoming maintenance work
  • Extension of machine service life with the aid of the digital maintenance manual
  • Reduced downtimes due to better planning of spare parts requirements and maintenance staff


  • Monitoring of machine components with the aid of sensors
  • Reduced downtime and prevention of consequential damage
  • Cost reduction due to maximum service life of the machine components

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