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HOLZ-HER Drilling and doweling machines: Ideal addition to panel cutting or nesting processing

Nesting processing offers the advantage of precise formatting and CNC processing in a single clamping operation. And with extremely low handling effort for the machine operator. In addition to clear workpiece identification with, for example, picking, processing and edge information, nesting technology is ideally suited to the use of state-of-the-art joining techniques such as the Clamex P system or Cabineo connectors. Traditional dowel joints can also be produced by post-processing with horizontal drilling and driving the dowels onto the POWER-PIN.  

The new POWER-PIN 7605 is an ultra-modern and compact drilling and dowel driving machine that takes up exactly this challenge. It offers enormous time savings and is the ideal complement to a nesting system or a saw-CNC combination, as it also offers the option of carrying out further processing such as horizontal drilling, dowel insertion and, if necessary, vertical drilling work such as the insertion of cup band and fitting holes. The POWER-PIN 7605 therefore contributes to increasing the efficiency and precision of your production. Dowel insertion couldn't be simpler.

Drilling and dowel driving machines from the POWER-PIN series

Fully automatic driving of pre-coated or standard wooden dowels

  • Compact design
  • Intuitive operation
  • Clamping concept
  • Ideal supplement
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