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HOLZ-HER application videos

You want to find out how our machines are performing? With the high-quality HOLZ-HER machines, you have the possibility to execute different working steps and process diverse materials. Edgebanding machines, CNC-machining centers, saws or even the work with an automatic panel storage system- take a look at several videos and find out how your application with a HOLZ-HER machine could look like.

Applications edgebanding machines

Application edgebanding machines HOLZHER
Application SPRINT 1329
Application multifunctional tools edgebanding machines

Applications CNC PRO-MASTER

Pic2Plate Machining | PRO-MASTER 7125
Processing of christmas tree | PRO-MASTER 7125
Application CNC processing PRO-MASTER from HOLZHER
ALUCORE processing with the PRO-MASTER 7018 from HOLZ-HER
"BauBuche" ( laminated veneer lumber with beech wood) on the PRO-MASTER 7125 from HOLZ-HER
Application CNC processing with the Pro-Master 7125
Glass strip with the PRO-MASTER 7125 from HOLZ-HER
Milling a semi-sphere with the PRO-MASTER 7125 from HOLZ-HER
Application via barcode with the PRO-MASTER Black Edition
PRO-MASTER 5-Axes Application | Hocker
CNC application Videos Pro-Master Door processing
7125 -Door processing with the PRO-MASTER 7125
7125 Software 3D-Master - Processing of a wash basin
7125 Software 3D-Master - Processing of a wash basin

Applications CNC EVOLUTION

Application videos EVOLUTION CNC HOLZHER processing
EVOLUTION 7405 application with Lamello
EVOLUTION 7405 application - Milling aggregate "Think Weinig"
EVOLUTION application small pieces
EVOLUTION application | Machining of furniture fronts
EVOLUTION application milling of pockets for connectors
EVOLUTION Door processing in practice

Applications Nesting

DYNESTIC 7505: Perfect nesting results - Rocking chair
DYNESTIC 7505: Tool changer in the focus
DYNESTIC 7532 nesting CNC center for packaging production
Software: 3D machining with Hops4Solid

Applications Saws

Application HOLZ-HER vertical panel saws and beam saws
TECTRA 6120 power - Application cutting speed
ZENTREX 6220 dynamic application

Applications panel storage system

Application video panel storage system STORE-MASTER 5110 from HOLZHER
STORE-MASTER application in the HOLZ-HER Showroom
HOLZ-HER STORE-MASTER panel storage system with integrated vertical panel saw at the Dimter packerdays 2016
Videos from the HOLZHER STORE-MASTER panel storage system
STORE-MASTER panel storage system references