WEINIG wide planing series: Quality planing even with large dimensions

The WEINIG wide planing series is designed for manufacturers of glulam, solid construction timber, beams, block house production and solid wood panels. The wide planing series offers a machine for everybody in this segment. The Hydromat 45 is the suitable model with column guide for the feed system in order to produce large dimensions at high capacity.

What are your requirements? They are all within your grasp. Make your choice from our application-oriented range. And we refine the machine to your individual production requirements. Automation systems, tools, measuring systems, adjustment aids and grinding machines. Everything from a single source.

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WEINIG Hydromat 45

WEINIG Breithobel

The robust planer for large timber dimensions

  • Reliable transport of workpieces with high degree of smoothness due to well-conceived feed system
  • Quick and accurate positioning of spindles due to CNC adjustments and of feed system using ball screws
  • High surface quality due to high-precision spindles for hydro tools
  • Long intervals between tool changes due to wide axial setting range of horizontal spindles
  • High yield due to floating vertical spindles for minimal stock removal
Detail page  Hydromat 45

The WEINIG wide planing series provides

  • Perfect surface quality
  • Stable and continuous feed
  • Quick and easy setting with Memory Plus or PowerCom
  • Modular design: the right machine for each application
  • Easy to operate