Spring Release WEINIG App Suite - get the new benefits!

Traditionally in spring, our WEINIG App Suite receives a major update. Under the motto "Trend is your friend", we have released the new version.

The new features give users access to a wide range of analyses and new possibilities in viaConditon. Completely new contexts and insights about their machine(s) can be developed and collected.

The viaCondition function has been extended to include Trending and Monitoring. In various graphs, data can be deeply analyzed and compared to detect trends at an early stage.
Thus, productivity, condition, utilization and usage of the machine(s) can be evaluated. For example, performance trends of machines, the course of important operating and optional sensor data as well as further information about orders, tools as well as status can be derived. Furthermore, the data can also be put into relation in order to identify correlations: For example, how many running meters have been produced since the last order, profile change or with the current euqipment. Or for which job a machine malfunction occurred. Typical performance comparisons of several machines are also possible.

Numerous other new features and improvements have also been introduced:
#oeeAnalyzer: Differentiation of interruptions in machine availability.
#oeeAnalyzer: Entry of the target OEE, definition of the OEE calculation method for several machines of a total plant
#Time selection: Own marker time selection, e.g. for a specific order, in all viaCockpit functions
#viaNotify: Extension of the details with the machine status