WEINIG ProfiPress L B : flexible and powerful at the same time

Overview picture of the ProfiPress L B

There are many good reasons to invest in a WEINIG gluing press. One of them is their excellent performance. With the ProfiPress L B, we are writing a new chapter: Completely new designed, the gluing press offers you a range of application so far unrivalled. Everything is possible, from panels to beams and even window scantlings with a gluing height of 160 mm. The ProfiPress L B is perfectly equipped for every requirement concerning efficiency: Thanks to the modular system, you are enabled to upgrade the ProfiPress L B from manual operation to a fully automatic production plant. Every configuration level includes the latest high frequency technology. For an even higher value-added share, the wide product range of the WEINIG Group offers you every possible system integration. And of course, your new gluing press provides the world-famous WEINIG premium quality. ProfiPress L B - a decisive advantage for you in global competition.

This offers you the WEINIG ProfiPress L B

  • High performance thanks to short cycle times
  • Intelligent high-frequency heating technology for a perfect gluing and product quality
  • Comfortable and safe handling
  • High-frequency shielding with lowest radiation values to guarantee high working safety
  • Modular system - upgrades possible

Technical Details

Automatic high-frequency control

Picture of an automatic high-frequency control

The control of the high-frequency field is fully automatic. This requires less manual adjustments to the high-frequency generator, which leads to an easier operation. In addition, an optimum energy input and shorter pressing times are achieved.

Intelligent heating technology

Picture of a heating camera

The input of high frequency shortens the pressing times and provides high-strength joints as well as tension-free, glued panels and beams. Only the joints are heated.

Options for extension

Picture of a horizontal roller gluing

Horizontal roller gluing

Easy-to-use PVAc glue application station for face and edge gluing.

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Picture of an automatic gluing station

Automatic gluing station

An extremely precise glue application reduces glue consumption and costs.

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picture of an automatic packet assembly

Automatic packet assembly

In connection with the automatic gluing station, you receive a perfect mechanization solution for transporting the lamellas into the gluing press.

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Further information


Simple, fast and sustainable: more details in a downloadable PDF document.

ProfiPress L B Prospekt 2018 (PDF, 1 MB)

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