WEINIG Powermat 3000: Reliable, powerful, versatile

Front view WEINIG Powermat 3000

Knowledge, diligence and quality awareness: The Powermat 3000 is the result of the interaction of these factors. From the construction of the high-quality cast iron base to the programming of the intuitive control and the production of the high-precision spindles all the way through to the precise assembly of all elements. The Powermat 3000 offers ideal conditions for serial production with maximum surface quality. The modular design and large number of options enables the most diverse applications. Not to mention excellent cost efficiency and resale value.

Regardless of the application, the Powermat 3000 can be adapted to your individual requirements in terms of quality, flexibility and performance, thanks to its modular design. The basis for this is the exceptional standard of the Powermat 3000, which impresses with an intelligent machine concept.

The robust machine base serves to integrate high-quality components with convenient settings and intuitive machine control, resulting in a machine that is very easy to set up. For you, this means shorter set-up times, high operator safety, high machine availability and economical production - with legendary WEINIG surface quality.


Different requirements - different prices

The price of a WEINIG machine is just as individual as your requirements are. Therefore, let us discuss briefly what is most important to you – you will then receive our preliminary, non-binding quote.

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Personal advice

Personal advice – for higher productivity and greater efficiency

Together with your WEINIG expert you will find the ideal machine for your requirements. Simply submit the completed form, and your local WEINIG expert will be happy to discuss all further details with you.

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Technical Details

Resource management

WEINIG challenges itself to manage resources efficiently in a number of ways – including via modern planing technology, which opens up the potential for material savings. This particularly makes solid wood construction timber (KVH) and glulam timber, which are pre-planed in order to make it easier for the scanner to examin the surface, more profitable.

The opposing floating spindles that follow the curve of the wood plane the glulam lamellae, for example, in parallel in the same width and this reduces the chip removal to a minimum.

The gaps between the work pieces required by the floating spindles increases the risk of impact on the first bottom spindle. The spindle mounted at a 30° angle to the machine table avoids this effect. Heavy pressure elements can also be used from above, which enable minimal chip removal at the horizontal spindles.

Machine infeed

Depending on the condition of the raw material, it may be advisable to strengthen the machine infeed. Particularly with bent, damp or heavy pieces, it is advisable to have a strong machine infeed that supports the transport of parts through the machine.

The 3-roller infeed ensures optimal feeding force for strips and boards, particularly when combined with infeed mechanization. A heavier version is available in the 4-roller infeed with two opposing roller pairs. In either case, it is not possible to straighten the work piece.

Traveling jointers

Jointing technology and hydro tools produce excellent surface quality. Together with the WEINIG PowerLock system, they are unbeatable. In the Powermat 3000, you can choose this combination and easily benefit from it: Jointed tools developed by WEINIG ensure that all knives in the cutterhead have an absolutely identical cutting circle.

This means PowerLock produces excellent surface quality at up to 10,000 rpm and maximum feed speeds! Both the straight jointer for smooth planing and the profile jointer can be used. The jointers automatically move with the spindle during radial adjustment, so that no manual intervention is necessary. WEINIG know-how and experience guarantee complete process reliability of our leading edge technology.

Workpiece monitoring

The workpiece monitoring automatically detects whether there is a workpiece inside the machine or not. This allows dimensional changes while the machine is running. You benefit from simple operating and time savings.

Operating concept Comfort Set

The new operating concept Comfort Set comprises a great number of wrench-free adjustments for pressure and guiding elements which can be performed quickly, accurately and without error. With features like this the machine operator will experience a new degree of comfort in performing the moulder setup like he never experienced before. The final proof of the new setup procedure can also be seen in the quality of the products you produce.

Options for extension


At the point where the cutting edge meets the work piece for cutting is where surface quality is determined. Precision tools are therefore essential. However, even the best tool needs spindles with perfectly true running accuracy.

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HydroLock outboard bearing

Hydraulic outboard bearings and fast, convenient tool changing have long been mutually exclusive. But now the HydroLock system is revolutionizing both the (dis)assembly of the outboard bearing and tool changing.

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Powercom PLUS

PowerCom Plus: Networked with your environment

Extremely high performance yet surprisingly simple - that is PowerCom PLUS, the top solution for management and work organization of your Powermat 3000.

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Temperature monitoring of spindle bearings

The failure of a machining spindle, resulting in standstill of the entire machine, is a costly affair. Temperature monitoring of the spindle bearings ensures high process reliability and prevents unplanned production downtimes.

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Moulder Master for perfect organization of your working environment

The Moulder Master connects all processes upstream of production to optimize the entire production process.

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Jumping spindle

Underpass axes for pallets, barrel staves and all other non-continuous grooves are a challenge for production. With the CNC-controlled WEINIG jumping spindle, you can integrate this demanding processing reliably into your production process and achieve high cycle rates.

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Areas of application

Profiled mouldings

WEINIG Anwendungen

Our core competence

Profiling mouldings of all types has always been WEINIG’s core competence. Profiling includes a wide range of end products that nevertheless set the same challenges for machine technology: high levels of profile precision with excellent surface quality and regular cuttermarks.

WEINIG technology is always setting new standards in this area. The basis for this are the solid machine bases with precise machine tables and the fence at exactly the right angle to this. The superiority of the WEINIG machines is seen overall when dynamics are brought into the equation: spindles with high true running accuracy, a strong feed system and the corresponding pressure elements.

The perfect interaction of these components guarantees smooth transportation in a defined position through the machine. The result is the legendary WEINIG quality of your products: high profile precision, excellent surface quality and regular cuttermarks.

Construction timber

WEINIG Anwendungen

The importance of solid wood as a construction material has grown constantly over the last few years. This means that there are high demands on the surface quality, particularly for the visible areas. The largest area of application are beams, which are planed on 4 sides and chamfered.

Depending on your requirements, WEINIG offers the right solution, from a small machine to a large line; but they have one thing in common: a high level of flexibility because of the 90° chamfering unit.

The chamfering unit is used to produce the fourth chamfer on the beam after the other chamfers have been produced by the vertical spindles and the horizontal top spindle. The chamfering unit control means that dimensions can be changed quickly and a change in the strength of the chamfer can be made without changing the tool and simply by positioning the spindles.

With this technology WEINIG enables small companies to work with the same economy as a large organization.


WEINIG Anwendungen

Planing glulam lamellae


Glulam is increasingly being used in recent years and therefore more and more importance is being given to planing glued laminated timber lamellae. This depends on achieving a glueable surface at high speed with the lowest level of chip removal. Even the curve of the timber does not make a difference, and can be kept, because the lamellae are glued afterwards and then finally planed again.

WEINIG meets this challenge with innovative machine technology. The combination of slanted horizontal spindles and floating vertical spindles allows the lamellae to be planed with a minimum of chip removal on all four sides while maintaining the curvature of the wood. These WEINIG solutions increase material yield and thus also resource efficiency.


WEINIG Anwendungen

In industrial wood processing, material yield plays an ever greater role. Scanners are used in this context to identify places with defects and to cut them out. Pre-planing is necessary at the start of the entire chain in order to provide the scanner with a clean surface. Accordingly, chip removal should be minimal and a high feed speed is usually required.

In this segment, WEINIG offers both simple solutions with excellent value for money, as well as innovative solutions with unique technology: from hydro-tools to jointers, slanted spindles and floating spindles up to a feed speed of 300 m/min. As well as the necessary machine technology, WEINIG, of course, also offers suitable mechanization. We can meet your pre-planing needs perfectly!

Further information


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