Small but smart

The most recent installation made by Dimter at company Trinatura is the automatic stop and positioning system “EasyStop”. It has been attached to an existing pendulum saw. “The existing rollerway turned out to be too narrow and loose. We were obliged to find a new solution”, explains the Managing Director. The EasyStop has been in operation at Trinatura for one year now – to the full satisfaction of the team. Around 450 m³ of unedged boards have been treated during this time – all of them with the new stop and positioning system. The operator enters the production data directly at the OptiCom control system of the machine. The operation is self-explanatory. EasyStop automatically moves to the desired position and enables the operator to cut the board. Cutting lists can be imported by USB or network connection via a standard import-export interface. EasyStop does not only convince with its high accuracy - Dimter guarantees a repeatability of +/- 0.1 mm. This means a significantly reduced workload as there is no more need to move heavy pieces manually. The pusher system is designed for workpieces up to 60 kg. Dimter provides the EasyStop with five different ingoing lengths from 1.55 to 11.3 m. The travelling speed of the pusher amounts up to 60 m/min. “Our workers are really glad being able to work quickly and efficiently”, remarks Bucher.

Autor: Martina Nöstler / Holzkurier Edition 17 | 26.04.18