The new industry for ACCURA / LUMINA

High-tech PUR gluing equipment is the starting point for high-quality furniture production!

The new ACCURA and LUMINA Industry machines are equipped with the new Glu Jet PUR 2K for use with 2 kg PUR glue sticks on the newly-developed changing station. High-quality furniture production starts with selection of the right machine. “ACCURAte”, professional edgebanding with no compromises, that is the benchmark of this new series. As an ACCURA Industry version, in addition to fully automatic operation, the machine also offers the Glu Jet PUR 2K glue station as standard, which enables the processing of large 2 kg glue sticks that are available commercially from all leading glue manufacturers. The new glue station is designed as a changing station based on technology from the LUMINA series with HSK adapter. The station can therefore easily be removed via a change-over carriage, which makes cleaning the glue application nozzle even easier. In addition, further Glu Jet stations can also be exchanged on the same machine and even combined with LTRONIC on the LUMINA Industry version to activate laser edging. With the Glu Jet PUR 2K, users can process 2 kg PUR glue cartridges, which are significantly more economical than conventional PUR granules. The investment is worthwhile for customers who exclusively process PUR glues. With average usage in this area, the saving in terms of glue purchasing is at least 50 percent.