WEINIG customers on cloud nine: Steel goes digital

Production of the future is exciting. The physical world of “steel and iron” must be combined with the digital world with maximum efficiency. This places great demands on the machine manufacturer and brings immense advantages for the wood processor.

With Siemens and the cloud solution MindSphere, WEINIG has recently partnered with one of the most powerful IT providers in the world. The challenge now is to equip the entire machine portfolio on the software side so that it can communicate with the Siemens IoT platform. The new generation of controllers, which is currently under development, plays a central role here.

A superb tandem

WEINIG customers benefit from the digital offensive primarily via W4.0 digital. MindSphere provides the live data needed for the machine. WEINIG’s representative on the MindSphere advisory board, Dr. Kordt: “We want to generate added value, and for this we provide the customer with simple, transparent tools in the form of a functional toolkit. The advantage of Mindsphere is that this system will work worldwide and, unlike other systems, is not limited to a single service such as Microsoft Azure. No matter where customers produce - they can be sure that they have bet on the “right horse” with W4.0 digital powered by MindSphere. The MindSphere technology makes customers’ production more future-proof, even if they have not currently advanced very far in the digitization process.”

The puzzle takes shape

A large part of WEINIG technology is already open for the cloud-based system. One pioneering development is the WEINIG App Suite with its machine monitor. There are already over 5,000 installations worldwide in many languages. Four new applications have just been integrated. The central themes are productivity and maintenance for the purpose of greater machine availability. This includes analysis and evaluation of production data as well as predictive maintenance. Dr. Kordt: “MindSphere technology runs invisibly in the background for the customer but the real valuable asset for them is the WEINIG-designed cockpit. Which is tailored precisely to their requirements. As world market leader, we simply know their processes better than anybody.” In the long term, the connection with MindSphere will also enable Big Data analyses, i.e. WEINIG will soon be able to offer assistance systems, for example.

Perfect monitoring: WEINIG App Suite