The new TECTRA 6120 classic and the TECTRA 6120 power


With the TECTRA 6120 classic and TECTRA 6120 power panel cutting saws, HOLZ-HER has introduced a new era in equipment and precision for cutting in craft and suppler shops. The new TECTRA panel cutting saws offer a saw blade protrusion of 83 mm on the Classic version and 95 mm on the Power model.

The Classic is available with 7.5 kW and 11 kW motors. The Power version is already equipped with a powerful 11 kW drive for high performance and package cuts and can even be upgraded to a 15 kW motor with infinite speed control.

With available cutting lengths of 3,100 mm and 4,400 mm, the TECTRA 6120 Classic is ideal for cutting highly varying types of panel material. Cutting lengths of 3,100 mm and up to 4,250 mm in the long version offer the right solution for all space situations and applications. Three versions of the TECTRA with 95 mm saw blade protrusion are available: the Power version for highly varying cuts and charging from the front; the TECTRA 6120 lift with lifting table for efficient package cuts and the TECTRA 6120 dynamic equipped with a maximum cutting depth of 6,500 mm making it ideal for charging with the new HOLZ-HER Store Master storage system. 

Naturally the new TECTRA series offers precision technology with ground linear guides on the sawing carriage, rip fence and floating clamps. Feed rates of up to 70 m/min (Classic) and 100 m/min (Power) on the sawing carriage ensure short cycle times. The solid design of the machine stand and optimized evacuation guide ensure optimum, uniform cutting quality.

New Design and Equipment Package

In addition to the machine design HOLZ-HER has also revised the control panels for its entire line of saws. A state-of-the-art 21.5" monitor offers a clear image of all machine functions including maximum space for label printer, keyboard and order documents.  The TECTRA 6120 Classic is offered with a comprehensive equipment package for a very interesting price/benefit ratio. Moreover on the two versions with jets, the machine table in front and in back of the sawing line as well as the front support table are provided with an air cushion. This makes the pressure beam saw perfect for handling extremely heavy and sensitive panels. The Power, Lift and Dynamic versions are laid out for high cutting volumes and panel stacks up to 80 mm as well as equipped with air cushion tables as standard features.

Electronically Positioned Scoring Saw and Grooving Unit

The position of the scoring saw on the TECTRA series can be adjusted precisely on the control panel using the two motor-driven positioning axes for height and lateral adjustment. Valuable time in changing over is saved in this way and a perfectly cut product is guaranteed. Even the basic model includes the bidirectional grooving unit with infinitely adjustable groove depth of up to 30 mm, contributing significantly to production of wide grooves and flexible panels with its capability of grooving in the forward as well as reverse direction. 

Angle Pressure Unit for Perfect Angle Cuts

The proven angle pressure unit with its rubberized, ball bearing roller presses the material to be cut against the solid stop guide gently and precisely at right angles to the cutting line. The Power version is also available with the double, software-controlled TwinPress.

EASY-PLAN Cut Optimization on the Saw

The name of this standard program is EASY-PLAN cut optimization. It is only necessary to enter the workpiece dimensions in the window and press the button to obtain an optimized cutting plan. Moreover remnants can be used and continuous veneer patterns generated with drag and drop.

OPTI-CUT Supplementary Software and Office Optimization

For perfect optimization of long cutting lists incl. material management the OPTI-CUT software module (optional on TECTRA 6120 Classic) is the ideal supplement. The OPTI-BASE or OPTI-PRO software package can be selected right from the office for work preparation and data transfer. Uncomplicated data transfer from branch-specific software or from other sources ensures maximum security for your investment.