Weinig aims to increase quality advantage


Quality is one of the outstanding features behind WEINIG's global reputation. The latest market research in Tauberbischofsheim shows that this remains one of the most important decision-making criteria in favor purchasing a Weinig machine or system for wood working professionals in industry as well as craftsmen. Consequently, ensuring this quality is a top priority for the market leader in machines and systems for solid wood and panel processing. Following recent structural changes in this key area of the company, in Dr. Holger Eitzert we now have a man with a broad range of expertise at the helm of quality management.

In addition to maintaining WEINIG's high standards, he also sees his task as setting the right course to tackle the challenges created by increasingly complex production methods. The growing share of our production line business particularly requires new thought processes. "Standard solutions now tend to be the exception," Dr. Eitzert stresses. "Instead, we must generally deal in individually tailored customer solutions." For areas involved with product creation, this means that one-off products must achieve serial production quality and every component must achieve WEINIG quality from the outset. This would be unthinkable without involving the entire process – from sales to development and production through to final assembly and commissioning. Dr. Eitzert's main focus, therefore, is on the themes of process optimization and flexibility. "Weinig is better positioned in these aspects than almost any other manufacturer," says Dr. Eitzert. He believes Weinig not only has motivated specialists, but also the necessary expertise at all stages of product creation.

Weinig personnel has traditionally been characterized by very high standards of qualification. Going forward, continuous professional training should ensure that our high standards are not only maintained but are also adapted promptly to new requirements. That Weinig can call upon such a large pool of trained personnel is not least due to the extraordinary production depth in the factory. All spindles, for example, are produced and assembled in-house. Such is the reputation of Weinig's production expertise that many companies in the sector commission us to produce machine components. One of the key components of the legendary Weinig quality is our stringent test procedures. A specialist in our factory will only hand over a cutter head when the profile precision is within the range of microns. Similarly strict tolerances apply for all other parts critical to function. Individual part inspections are then followed by a function test within the assembly group. This also involves computer-aided procedures. Only when a machine or tool has successfully passed all quality tests and final acceptance is it cleared for delivery.

The growing importance of networking of production lines and systems means that control systems and software are an increasing focus of quality management. Large Weinig window production lines today often require hundreds of CNC axes to be controlled simultaneously and with process reliability. "In this segment as in other areas, we will also maintain our expertise in the factory so that our customers can feel confident of receiving genuine WEINIG quality with every product," assures Dr. Eitzert. The new quality manager is also certain of receiving the full support of the company management: "The customer is buying a premium product from us and, together, we will do everything to ensure that this remains the case."


WEINIG quality meets the highest customer demands