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CNC machining center EPICON 7235: the powerful all-purpose genius for any workshop

The EPICON 5-axis C-N-C opens up new horizons for your creativity.

Machining lengths of 3,680 to 7,280 millimeters in X-direction and a remilling dimension of 1,650 millimeters are achieved with all drills and units. The extreme machining height of true 300 millimeters from the top edge of the vacuum cups with a generous Z-stroke of 565 millimeters provides sufficient clearance even for complex workpieces.

The optimized design of the gantry bridge and the machine column provides the optimum basis for absolutely precise and perfectly milled workpieces and at the same time allows extreme acceleration and milling speeds. 

In addition, there are high-precision servo direct drives, wear-free couplings and covered precision linear guides on which HOLZ-HER provides a 10-year warranty.


Different requirements - different prices

The price of a HOLZHER machine is just as individual as your requirements are. Therefore, let us discuss briefly what is most important to you – you will then receive our preliminary, non-binding quote.

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Personal advice

Personal advice – for higher productivity and greater efficiency

Together with your HOLZHER expert you will find the ideal machine for your requirements. Simply submit the completed form, and your local HOLZHER expert will be happy to discuss all further details with you.

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Here is what the HOLZ-HER EPICON series offers

Here is what the HOLZ-HER EPICON 7235 offers

Technical Details

Powerful 5-axis cutter unit

Proven 5-axis technology - including Beckhoff drives and control

The fulling interpolating 13 kW, 5-axis spindle (standard feature) runs on both sides in ceramic bearings, ensuring extremely high drive holding forces.

For extreme machining work on solid wood the optional PRO torque spindle is ideal. With an output of 18 kW and mechanical brakes on the A and C axes, this machine provides for extreme rigidity and perfect results at high feed rates with maximum chip removal.

NEO CabinetControl - Perfect 3D spatial planning with carcass generator

Cabinet Control Pro - Perfect 3D room planning with cabinet generator
Cabinet Control Pro - Perfect 3D room planning with cabinet generator
Cabinet Control Pro - Perfect 3D room planning with cabinet generator

NEO CabinetControl is the simplest and fastest controllable software for professional use in furniture planning and customer presentations. Plan your furniture or design entire living environments. Support your customers’ imagination for quicker decisions. Present the planned furniture as realistically as a photograph from all perspectives directly to your customer on site.


  • Plan your furniture in varying room situations: Clothes closets, closets beneath slopping roofs, dormer closets, kitchens, bathroom furniture, office furniture, wardrobes, sliding door closets, living room furniture, sideboards, built-in cabinets, audio and TV furniture, counters, beds, tables, etc.


  • As a cabinet maker you know how furniture is build. With only a few entries you can proceed directly to the final planning stage, without any familiarity with CAD. From there it is only a touch of a button and all data is available for production. This takes you simply and quickly to the planning and work preparation stages.


  • Together with your customer you plan and present their furniture quickly and clearly. You can add any spontaneous requests directly and your customers know immediately and precisely what they are getting, making it easier for your customer to reach a decision and for you to complete the order.

Right along with the planning, the program automatically generates the cutting data as well as CNC programs for your HOLZ-HER panel saw and HOLZ-HER CNC machine. Thanks to TrunRAY you can perfect the presentation of the renderings you have created to ensure successful presentation to your customer.

CAMPUS 5-axis module - 3D simulation

CAMPUS 5-axis module for simultaneous cutting

3D material removal simulation as standard feature

Even the basic versions of the EPICON machines are equipped with our mature 3D material removal simulation feature. The CAMPUS 3D machine simulation can be ordered as an optional feature. This offers:

  • Collision monitoring
  • Three-dimensional simulation of machine motions and material removal on workpiece
  • Graphic representation of machining head, tool and tool collet, table and clamping device.

Genuine, high speed, 5-axis cutter with CURVE 3D

For 5-axis power users, the option CURVE 3D Performance package offers additional advantages. This allows the first class performance of the 5-axis spindle to be used for effective high speed cutting with perfect results. The CURVE 3D module is also ideal for increasing the power in combination with CAD/CAM software from other suppliers and offers perfect spline interpolation.

CAMPUS 5-axis module for simultaneous cutting

The NC HOPS supplement module supports interpolating 5-axis machining in many areas such as:

  • 5-axis simultaneous cutting.
  • Support of 5-axis interpolation with top and bottom guide curves (simultaneous machining).
  • Two contours on defined layers are interpreted as 5-axis machining.

Integrated drilling head

Integrated drilling head with 21 or 31 spindles

The EPICON is perfectly equipped with drilling heads for optional integration.

21 spindles

  • Drilling unit with 15 vertical spindles
  • Six horizontal spindles (expandable with third horizontal spindle in X direction and second horizontal spindle in Y direction)
  • Integrated grooving saw in X direction (optional second grooving saw in Y direction)

31 spindles

  • Drilling unit with 25 vertical spindles 
  • Six horizontal spindles (extendable by third horizontal spindle in X direction and second horizontal spindle in Y direction)
  • Integrated grooving saw in X direction (optional second grooving saw in Y direction)

Machining head - optimized for practice

Drilling, sawing, cutting, grooving – the PRO-MASTER machining head

Drilling, sawing, cutting, grooving – the machining head on the EPICON series is equipped for multifunctional use and is perfect for rational production of simple and complex case parts in continuous operation.

The integrated and compact design makes this machining head a paragon for dynamic action, acceleration and positioning accuracy. Even in the basic equipment, the EPICON series offers a wide machining spectrum.

Highly flexible machining tables

Standard console table
X-MOVE table
Pneumatic lifting and lowering charging aids

Console table – the workpiece support for optimum work progress

Precise machining requires exact and secure positioning of the workpieces. For this purpose, the EPICON series is equipped with a console table. It offers maximum flexibility in all areas of machining; even workpieces with complicated shapes can be clamped quickly and easily.

  • Solid consoles with single circuit vacuum system, six easily movable cross-members – with pneumatic clamping feature in X direction. Both right-handed and left-handed users can easily operate the consoles pneumatically at the touch of a button.
  • Measuring tapes in the X direction for quickly positioning consoles, laser pointers for precise position of suction cups. Other consoles and suction cups available as options.
  • 125 Millimeter high suction cups provide machining head with sufficient clearance on all sides.
  • Moving stops, eccentric in hardened guide bushings. Stops can be lowered pneumatically.
  • Four pneumatically operated charging aids can be raised and lowered to position heavy workpieces easily. Additional charging aids available as options.
  • Two large surface pushbuttons for clamping.
  • Additional processing fields for higher capacity (optional).
  • Individually switchable vacuum zones prevent vacuum losses.
  • High performance vacuum pumps – 100 m³/h.
    Optional: Vacuum pumps for 140 m³/h and 250 m³/h. 

SynchroDrive machine table

State-of-the-art production technology with up to 50 servo-axes

For high speed, precise and reliable suction cup positioning on workpieces with varying sizes:

  • Optionally available with six to ten consoles and three or four suction cup assemblies per console
  • Each console and each suction cup assembly has its own high precision servo-motor for positioning
  • Up to 50 servo-axes on the SynchroDrive table are synchronized, controlled and positioned to reduce table set-up times to an absolute minimum while simultaneously ensuring exact positioning of the consoles and suction cups on the table
  • Various suction cup sizes as well as special suction cups for solid wood and frame clamps adapt the SynchroDrive table to every application

VISE LED table

At HOLZ-HER, VISE stands for Visual Setting, which maens visual support for the machine operator when setting up the machine. As soon as a component is placed virtually, an optimized suggestion for the positions of the consoles and vacuum cups is displayed.

Of course, the tools used as well as through holes, pockets and other machining operations are also taken into account.

The HOLZ-HER LED table with Visual Setting ensures extremely fast, error-free and safe setup of the CNC, thus avoiding machining errors and damage to the vacuum cups.

Well-thought-through workpiece clamping

Variable system of matching workpiece clamps

CNC machining centers are becoming ever more efficient with the use of intelligent software combined with proven technology. One-piece complete production is now the measure of all things. All parts must be produced to the highest quality standards and with all conceivable processes in a single pass. The concept of "more product capability" opens new horizons. In addition, CNC machining also ensures the resurrection of traditional woodworking joints. Where earlier manual methods involved high-cost processes and large tolerances, these days it's only a matter of a few clicks of the mouse and complex joints are created to the highest levels of precision. In this way, mortised frame doors and swallow-tailed connections are being rediscovered.

Variable system of matched suction cups and workpiece clamps for surface machining including straight and curved frame parts.

Intelligent solid wood machining

Perfectly equipped for custom and highly varying machining

The EPICON series offers virtually unlimited possibilities for machining. Constructed for the most highly demanding work, the solid and well-thought-out construction of both machines represents the latest in modern and application-friendly industrial design.

The extreme machining lengths in the X direction make the console table on the CNC machining centers ideal for machining long parts such as components for stairs, winter gardens, etc. Even large door components can be machined in a highly efficient and trouble-free manner in pendular operation. With 1,650 mm in the Y direction as well as a Z stroke of 565 mm, the EPICON is perfectly equipped for individual and highly variable machining operations.

Plenty of space for all tools

Traveling disk tool changer with 12 or 18 tool positions
18 linear tool changer
Plenty of space for a wide variety of tools

The traveling disk tool changer with 18 or optionally 24 tool positions ensures short changeover times and maximum productivity. A special pick-up tool changer is available for saw blades with dia. up to 350 mm.

In addition, there is a 14-position pick-up linear changer for extensive tool equipment.

Innovative changeover units

Changeover units for highly varying applications

Your advantage for high product quality

A variety of changeover units for highly varying applications is available for all machines in the EPICON series. These range from conventional multi-spindle machines, lock box and sawing units to special applications such as hollow cutting chisels and cutting units for machining foam materials, etc.

Angular slewing gears with angle display and central angle adjustment are available for precision angle cuts and holes.

Laser pointers as standard feature

Laser pointers on left and right of machining head
Laser pointers on left and right of machining head
Laser pointers on left and right of machining head

Laser pointers for exact position of the suction cups or for tracing the workpiece contours, attached on the right and left sides of the machining head.

Contour laser – the complete positioning solution

Contour laser – the complete positioning solution
Contour laser – the complete positioning solution

Contour laser – projects entire workpiece contour and all required vacuum suction cups simultaneously as well as all console positions without limitation for number of lines to be projected.

Variable safety concepts

Operator safety has absolute priority. This is why the EPICON provides free selection between the extremely robust multiple field foot mat or proximity type light barriers.

Efficient vacuum technology

Extremely powerful and efficient vacuum pumps

Extremely high performance, efficient vacuum pumps ensure workpiece is held securely. These low maintenance, dry-running pumps are also distinguished by their low noise emissions and extremely low maintenance requirements.

Moreover, our intelligent ECO VAC vacuum control uses a software program to ensure that the required vacuum power is always present when several pumps are used.

Flexible evacuation

Flexible evacuation – programmable for eight positions

Flexible evacuation – programmable for eight positions

Fully automatic positioning in eight positions on machining head, for perfect adaptation of hood to workpiece height. This guarantees optimum evacuation of chips.

Mobile control panel

Mobile control panel for HOLZHER CNC machining centers

Ergonomic design of your workplace is of increasingly greater importance. HOLZ-HER offers a mobile control panel as a standard feature for all EPICON models. This control panel is equipped with a 21.5”, 16:9 Multi-touch screen offering perfect user convenience. The attached rollers allow the control panel to be positioned for optimum support of the working process.

Technical Details

An integrated network of machines ensures production with maximum efficiency

Maximum efficiency with Holz-Her machine networking

HOLZ-HER realizes your production ideas within 20 minutes from the first mouse click to finished furniture with seamless machine networking.

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Energy savings made easy

The intelligent ECO MODE energy management for HOLZ-HER CNC machines not only helps preserve our environment - it also saves you money.

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