Innovative and proven technology for work-shop businesses – the WEINIG Group pre-sents numerous solutions at HOLZ-HANDWERK


At HOLZ-HANDWERK / Fensterbau frontale 2022 in Nuremberg, the exhibition program of the WEINIG Group, with around 30 exhibits, will focus on groundbreaking technologies for maximum customer benefit. With the WEINIG and HOLZ-HER brands, numerous innovative technologies in both solid wood and panel processing will be presented at the trade fair. Workshop businesses and solutions of the WEINIG Group – a partnership that is successful and sustainable in the long term. Visitors can experience this promise at the joint stand on more than 1,600 sqm.

New portfolio in planing and profiling for workshop businesses

The machine portfolio has been fundamentally updated and expanded especially for the workshop target group. The new Cube 3, for example, will be celebrating its world premiere in Nuremberg. On the one hand, the new generation of the automatic planer relies on the tried and tested: thanks to its intuitive operating concept, the machine is still the gold standard when it comes to ease of use, operating comfort and safety. On the other hand, the Cube 3 also comes with innovations: enhanced standard equipment for an even better price-performance ratio and the possibility of retrofitting options later on, should the user’s requirements change. And a new focus is now on one-person operation, which is enabled either by an automated stacker or by a return conveyor.


The alternative for customers who need a small machine capable of profiling is the Profimat 30. In addition to a small footprint, the machine with its five spindles and a feed speed of 6-12 m/min offers significant added value: due to a compact cast iron base, it is capable of profiling with minimal vibration and high surface quality. The entry level version of the Profimat can be operated completely manually. Optionally, the machine can be extended with a control package based on the Memory Plus system - for high repeatability when producing stored profiles.


In the entry-level segment, the Profimat 50 offers greater performance potential. The next stage of the new Profimat series is available as a 5- or 6-spindle machine and is now even more powerful, with a feed speed of 5-30 m/min at an optional spindle speed of 8,000 rpm. Due to the small number of operating tools, a high degree of operating comfort is also achieved during setup. The WEINIG Profimat series is now firmly established on the market – it is the ideal entry level machine for planing and profiling for small businesses.


WEINIG window production with application-oriented machine technology

In the higher performance class, the Powermat 700 Window will be available to demonstrate perfect four-sided planing of window scantlings including the removal of blank glazing beads. The application-oriented equipment of the automatic moulder enables, among other things, the profiling of mouldings as well as the processing of short parts at the highest quality level. Important savings in set-up times and increased operating convenience are achieved by established WEINIG developments such as the PowerLock and PowerCom Plus control system. The integrated monitoring sensor system ensures safe switching between the various machining operations. With this technical and software-related overall package of the machine, WEINIG once again offers convincing added value in the window production process.


Semi-industrial production with the flexible Powermat 1500

The exhibits from the product portfolio will be rounded off with the proven Powermat 1500. This machine covers an even wider range of applications. It is interconnected with the machine environment and thus allows economical production of small batches. It is connected to the OptiControl Digital tool measuring station and the Moulder Master software, which ensure optimal preparation. With the help of the software, profiles and tools can be drawn and the spindle configuration can be defined. Then the information is submitted to the measuring station and the moulder. Thanks to this system, the user can exploit the full performance potential of the moulder. 


Excitement is building up in the WEINIG CNC world!

In addition to the innovations from planing and profiling, the WEINIG Group will also celebrate a world premiere in the field of CNC development. With the new product that will be shown at the trade fair, WEINIG will once again demonstrate its innovative strength and, above all, serve a new segment with its long-standing strengths as a full service provider in the solid wood sector. The very first demonstration of the flexible CNC center will take place live at HOLZ-HANDWERK / Fensterbau frontale.


Established success factor in workshop businesses: The Conturex Vario XS

In addition to the planned release described above, the Conturex Vario XS will be presented as a further novelty. The machine was designed for smaller companies and is to be seen as a response to the changes in the window market. The XS convinces with an open, modular concept and a system capability that corresponds to the latest state of technology.

The standard machine is designed for lengths from 175 to 4,500 mm and widths from 20 to 330 mm. If required, workpieces up to 6,000 mm in length can also be processed. With a mandrel length of 290 mm, the tool magazine offers sufficient capacity for extremely flexible and economical order processing. The technical enhancements prove to be particularly advantageous when it comes to slim profiles, new architectural window systems, and cost-effectiveness.


Advanced technology for workshop businesses also for cutting

Whether floor-mounted saws, high-speed cross-cut units, scanner systems or rip saws – the WEINIG Group will demonstrate its cutting expertise impressively at the trade fair. The flagship in Nuremberg will be the powerful OptiCut 260 in combination with the EasyScan Smart C. The EasyScan Smart is equipped with artificial intelligence, so it can recognize the characteristics of the wood as a human would. Among other things, the through-feed saw convinces with an equipment package for thin wood down to a thickness of 3 mm, servo saw stroke, servo waste shaft, and many more advantages for maximum customer benefit.


Of course, the EasyStop positioning system, which can be added to manual machines, should not be missing at the trade fair as an entry into the automation of manual processing machines. The portfolio is rounded off with the OptiCut C 700+ / C 700Flexi undertable cross-cut saw, which, thanks to its new design, is currently the safest undertable cross-cut saw in the world. It can also be easily connected to other WEINIG machines, such as the FlexiRip rip saw. 


Fully adaptable to every customer requirement – the OptiCut S 50+

With the optimizing cross-cut saw OptiCut S 50+, the focus is on an advanced model of the well-known series. The modular design of the machine makes it possible to respond optimally to the changing needs of the customer. Productivity, profit and added value can be hugely increased by suitable extensions. Starting with the standard configuration with infeed and outfeed table, the machine can be converted to a fully fledged cross-cut center with automatic feeding and sorting. The drilling unit of the OptiCut S 50+ Powerdrill is a completely new option.  This allows the user to carry out both drilling and cross-cutting in a single work step, thus opening up new design options in production. A perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses that want to expand their vertical range of manufacture.


Ripping more efficient than ever for craftsmen

The VarioSplit 900 is primarily designed to meet the needs of workshop businesses. The machine has been enhanced by a new function: it now features a thin-cut setup so lamellas up to 3 mm in thickness can be cut. Thanks to the adjustable stop and the various pressure rollers, standard separation cuts, oblique cuts and diagonal cuts can be made without any problems. An excellent, flexible WEINIG complete package for workshop businesses that is becoming increasingly popular among users.


And of course, the classic FlexiRip machine for small operations will also be presented at the WEINIG stand. Tried and tested thousands of times, this machine concept shows the advantages compared to typical ripping techniques impressively with every cut, which will be demonstrated live in action. Thanks to the patented automatic kerf seal and a special setup, cutting can be highly individualized to produce even very narrow workpieces with maximum cutting quality.


The VarioRip 310 M2 rounds off the WEINIG ripping portfolio on display this year. We will demonstrate the dual blade adjustment in combination with the RipAssist live in action to show visitors the simple way to profitable cutting. The RipResult option will be presented for the first time. It digitally displays the cut strip widths on a second monitor in the outfeed area after cutting and prior to effective sorting.


Gluing press with simple handling

The ProfiPress L B combines all of WEINIG’s know-how in high-frequency gluing and press technology in a single machine and significantly simplifies the production of window scantlings, beams and panels. Particularly high forces exerted from the side and above ensure perfectly sealed glued joints. This, and even more highlights of the machine can be experienced live at the trade fair.


Digitization and software from the WEINIG world

With our digital software solutions, you are optimally connected to the WEINIG family. In Nuremberg, the latest enhancements to the WEINIG App Suite cloud solution will be presented under the motto “Trend is your friend”. The app offers a wide variety of functions such as machine monitoring, trending, OEE, individual notifications and various analysis options. It is available as both a Web and mobile application and can be used on all popular devices. This keeps you well informed about your own machines at any time and any place.


The latest features of the production and control software WEINIG Control Suite will also be presented. This allows interlinked machines, production lines, complete systems and even an entire factory to be operated fully automatically and digitized from order entry to the end product. Each Control Suite is tailored to the operator’s needs. This is made possible by the modular structure of the functions, which are individually assembled and selected.

viaConnector Edge will be presented as a local application. It can be used to read out machine data in an uncomplicated manner. It is the link between WEINIG machines and local customer software. The machine data is stored in a defined location and can thus be further processed in an ERP system, for example.

This is the best way to integrate into the digital WEINIG world. In this way, we provide security for the future and accompany customers on their journey into digitization – regardless of whether they are traditional artisanal businesses or industrial enterprises.


New business model: Woodworking-as-a-Service

With Woodworking-as-a-Service, WEINIG creates another alternative to purchasing a machine. With this innovative and sustainable business model, customers only pay for what is actually produced. Initially, the focus is on the Powermat 700 pilot machine, on which the systems and the contents of the business model are being developed. The plan is to bill by the meter and also to include maintenance and services. Hence a key difference from conventional business models is that customers will no longer be responsible for maintaining the machine, but that this will be WEINIG’s job. Together with a pilot customer and two other partners, WEINIG launched this innovation project in October 2021 and aims to develop a production-ready business model over the next two years. Customers and interested parties are invited to learn about the advantages and innovations of the business model and to engage in exciting discussions with our experts.



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