New Weinig Conturex Artis Window Center: Strong entry level system for small shops


The CNC system Conturex has been setting standards in window manufacturing for a long time. Now Weinig has extended the model range with a compact Center. The Conturex Artis offers all the high-lights of the successful technology, but on top also an innovation at a very attractive price.

With the fully automatic Conturex Window Center, Weinig introduced a revolutionary innovation to the market in 2005. From then on, it was possible to produce windows of first-class quality with unprecedented flexibility. The Conturex concept includes items such as single part production, complete processing in one clamping process, set-up-free processing and tool splitting with all the associated advantages. The heart of the system solution to this day is the patented clamping system. The tool is guided past the firmly clamped workpiece and not vice versa.

Since the very first machine, Weinig has continuously worked to meet every customer requirement with an ever broader portfolio. The new Conturex Artis is another milestone that builds on this experience. Weinig deliberately does not aim for even higher productivity with this model: “The ‘Conturex Artis’ is designed to be a flexible, high-performance machine for smaller companies as an answer to the consolidation process in the window market,” said Karlheinz Moldan, head of the product unit Windows. With this high-performance basic solution, Weinig aims to maintain and improve the competitiveness of its small shop customers in a rapidly changing environment. With a capacity from 7 window units per shift, the Artis is positioned below the previous entry-level machine, the worldwide popular Conturex Compact. Technically, it has all the features that make up the current success of the CNC series. In particular, the machine offers the user limitless options in terms of window systems.

In addition, Artis impresses with an open, modular concept and a system capability that corresponds to the latest state of the digital world. However, that is not all. The designers have given the Artis an additional highlight with a lot of added value - the RePos easy. The patent-pending reclamping process enables variable part clamping and automatic movement of the workpieces in the machine. The workpieces remain clamped throughout the manufacturing process, thus achieving maximum precision and quality. For complex clamping situations, PowerGrip RePos easy also enables clamping in the fold. The qualities of the new development prove to be particularly advantageous with slim profiles and new architectural window systems. All in all, small shops benefit from maximum flexibility when using the RePos easy.

The Conturex Artis is equipped with a main spindle with 3-axles, but is also available with 4-axle technology on request. An indirect drive protects the 30 kW motor in critical situations. The standard machine is designed for lengths from 175 to 3,500 mm and can process workpieces up to 4,500 mm if required. With a mandrel length of 290 mm, the tool magazine offers sufficient capacity for extremely flexible and economical order processing. In the field of connectivity, the new machine presents itself at the level of Weinig technology, as it is used in large system solutions. This includes above all the Weinig CAM, a fully-fledged and easily programmable 3D CAD/CAM system for individual design. Also supplied is Weinig Sim, which allows the visualization of production data. The simulation of the process steps planned by the operator ensures effective collision control, for example. Standard interfaces for any common industry software, e.g. window/door production, WOP or external CAD/CAM software, complete the Artis IT package. Naturally, the principle of Weinig product integration also applies to the new machine. This is based on the requirement that one and the same data record must be sufficient for the operation of all desired production components. As a result, the Conturex Artis can be easily integrated into the complete Weinig solid WF, which opens the system to a wide range of work environments. Multi-stage mechanization systems are available for upgrading the Artis even further.


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