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Series dataset

Conturex SYSTEM lines: Networked window production for all requirements

In the fully-automatic Conturex CNC center, WEINIG has a technology on the market that will meet the requirements of every window manufacturer. Besides a range of standardized systems, WEINIG also offers its customers a broad spectrum of individual solutions, some of them highly complex.

In keeping with the principle "One data set for all production components', the work stages are not only networked via software but also via hardware. Planing, cross-cutting and profiling are combined in WEINIG Conturex SYSTEM lines.

The basis for this is the modularity of the trusted Conturex components.

All machines

WEINIG Conturex SYSTEM - Conturex 226 combined with Unirex 3000

WEINIG Conturex SYSTEM Anlagen

Improved performance via linking of standard machines

  • Processing without processing times even for small lot sizes
  • Modularity of the units
  • Energy feedback modules means savings in energy
  • Networking of individual production steps based upon proven Conturex technology
Detail page  C226 + Unirex 3000

WEINIG Conturex SYSTEM - dual-track

WEINIG Conturex SYSTEM Anlagen

System solution with a unique selling proposition

  • Processing without processing times even for small lot sizes
  • Flexibility and enhanced performance via the new Vario-PowerGrip clamping table
  • Modularity of the units
  • Energy feedback modules means savings in energy
Detail page  Conturex SYSTEM

The WEINIG Conturex SYSTEM technology offers you

  • Networking of individual production steps based upon proven Conturex technology
  • Everything from a single source. WEINIG - Your partner in solid wood processing
  • Customized complete solutions for optimal profitability and quality


Everything in hand

Maximum production depth is indispensable for Swiss window manufacturer Adi von Euw to maintain high-quality manufacturing. However, this only requires a small team since the degree of automation in the operation is enormous.

Adi von Euw wanted direct access to all stages of production of his high-quality windows. That is why every process stage from raw materials storage to surface treatment has been relocated to the Rothenthurm factory. This also includes metal processing for the company's own wood/aluminum systems. At the same time, the Managing Director has consistently driven forward the development of operations towards maximum productivity. As the variety of profiles in the market has expanded, we have had to adapt our technology accordingly. "The Conturex concept immediately fascinated me," says Adi von Euw. The highly productive system with complete processing of even complex profiles in a single clamping enables switching from one order to another with no changeover. The system is also based upon a modular concept that enables customized solutions for every requirement. Von Euw's tripartite Conturex system comprises 6 portals. Processing is performed on two tracks in parallel, which are equipped with 16 tables. Four of these supply the processing units alternately with window parts. Profile splitting with one and the same tool configuration ensures a high throughfeed, which can also seamlessly accommodate immersion functions. The system produces Von Euw's entire product spectrum. This includes round arch production, angled assembly of window and lift-slide door elements as well as angled window constructions with angles of ± 75 degrees. The required 2 parts per minute can be processed effortlessly. "In principle, the concept even enables performance of more than 3 parts per minute," says WEINIG window expert Dieter van Dyck. The fully-automated system delivers this high output with one-man operation and in excellent quality. "We can fulfill almost any customer request with little effort," says Adi von Euw.

A meeting of quality fanatics (left to right): Fredy Dormann (WEINIG Holz-Her Schweiz), Klaus Müller (WEINIG Head of Marketing and Communication), Adi von Euw (Managing Director of Von Euw Fenster AG) and Dieter van Dyck (WEINIG Sales and Project Director)

Transatlantic quality alliance

The first window: Good prospects for the Menck USA team

The North American window market is becoming more demanding. A good environment to start a model for the future combining Germany technological know-how with windows "made in USA".

Hurricanes and icy temperatures are nothing unusual in Massachusetts. The ideal environment for production of quality windows with triple glazing. And home to Menck Windows USA Inc., a joint venture of German company Menck, since 2013. With self-produced, energy-efficient window and door components, the company aims to secure a share of the major US market. The signs are promising. Energy-saving standards, certification guidelines and tax incentives have significantly stimulated the window market in the USA. There is particular investment in the prestige market segment. However, high demands from customers require first-class production technology. Little surprise, therefore, that Menck turned to WEINIG. Since the start of the year, its windows have been produced on a Conturex CNC processing center – the first of its kind in the USA. The system is respectfully referred to as a "factory in a shoe box" at Menck USA. The Conturex performs the work of several standard single machines in a single pass. Every two minutes, it produces a new, completely processed part. With a ValuRip, an OptiCut S 90 and a Powermat 1200, Menck has also placed its trust in WEINIG know-how in terms of ripping, cross-cutting and profiling. The entire system is networked via MillVision Pro production software, offering optimal efficiency in production.


"I never want to handle another workpiece manually"

Perfect production in sight: Patrick Kaltenbacher

Optimal automation is the stated objective of French window manufacturer Bader. Managing Director Patrick Kaltenbacher had correspondingly clear visions for his new production equipment.

As a qualified mechanical engineer, competitive quality and cost reduction are priorities for Patrick Kaltenbacher. Since taking the helm of the company in 2002, he has had one particular objective – unstaffed production. "I will be happy when we never have to handle another workpiece," says Patrick Kaltenbacher.

At the Messe Basel trade fair, he came across the WEINIG Conturex CNC processing center. Complete processing with milling, drilling and profiling of external notches in a single pass came very close to his vision of perfect production. However, he also wanted to incorporate warehouse logistics into the process. The WEINIG technicians configured the a portal charging system with vacuum suction for the Bader workshop. The systems takes the raw scantling from the stack and feeds it to the infeed mechanization of the cross-cut saw. A further request was the integration of glazing bead production into the overall process. This is where the innovative WEINIG glazing bead management came in. The WEINIG Powermat not only processes the scantlings on four sides, it also profiles the glazing beads with ship laps in the same throughfeed. The beads, which are sorted in a special carriage, can then be fed back into the remaining production process in a sorted condition.

The third highlight of the system is the tool cleaning. Tools are fed into the cleaning bath automatically to build-up of debris. This means system downtime. The system has only been running for a matter of months. However, Patrick Kaltenbacher is already full of praise. "It is the system I have wished for."


Englert Fensterbau - success with the WEINIG Conturex Compact

Window production in its 4th generation

Tradition and progress are two decisive elements that confront you at Englert-Fensterbau in Sachsenhausen. On the one hand, the workshop has been in business since 1889 and is now in its 4th generation and successfully managed by master glazier Hubert Englert. On the other hand, the business is growing steadily and is now active in the regional market, with 7 assistance glaziers and an apprentice.

Intelligently networked

WEINIG Referenzen

In the Conturex CNC center, Weinig offers an established machine concept that can be flexibly tailored to the requirements of window manufacturers – from standardized to highly complex systems. According to an article in trade journal BM, 10.2014 issue:

Östringer Fenster + Türen

WEINIG Referenzen

Östringer Fenster + Türen: Manufacturing like the big boys

Can small workshops still keep up when it comes to window and door production? Östringer answered this question in its own way: Their highly flexible CNC complete processing line practically dissolves the differences in performance between 'large and small'.

Tischlerei Kolb: Profitable production in a changing market

WEINIG Referenzen

In the Bonn region, Kolb GmbH is part of the furniture. This is primarily attributable to the firm's interdisciplinary concept. The company adapts its window production precisely to the latest market requirements.

Two birds with one stone

On the right track: Josef Kolb has future-proofed his production facilities

Frequent changes in market conditions require intelligent investment from window manufacturers. The decision to invest in new production technology is easier if it opens up new opportunities. 

Like many other window manufacturers, German company Kolb was faced with increasing energy-saving requirements combined with increasing customization requests from customers. "Our objective to modernize production was therefore always about greater flexibility rather than increasing capacity," explains Josef Kolb. At the same time, the same technology was to be used to establish production of wood/aluminum windows. "The trend in the market is clearly heading in this direction and we want to be a part of it," says the Managing Director.

The company solved its problem with the WEINIG Conturex. From the outset, Josef Kolb was fascinated by the processing technology on the patented PowerGrip clamping tables. "Dimensional stability and surface quality are also very good with slender and short parts," he says. The expansion of the product portfolio has also been seamless. Josef Kolb: "The system enables us to produce different variants from pure timber windows to wood/metal windows with a single tool set. This saves us time and significantly reduces our costs." Thus, the introduction of modern WEINIG complete machining with PowerGrip technology has not only improved the company in terms of flexibility but has also opened the door to new markets. 

On the right track: Josef Kolb has future-proofed his production facilities

You have to believe in the future

WEINIG Referenzen

Such was the title of the attached report on window production at Klarer.
Klarer Fenster AG has ordered a new production line. Why this makes sense and what the considerations were is explained by the management themselves.

(Source: website of Klarer Fenster AG, http://www.klarer.ch/home/)

Overnight help

This is what satisfaction looks like: The Schröders, father and son, on the right Marco Olthoff, assistant to the management board.

Smooth series production needs a strong partner. Fensterwerk Schröder GmbH took its lessons from a crash.

Shock at Schröder in Hesel, North Germany: A self-inflicted breakdown of the automatic planer paralyzed wooden window production. “At that time Weinig Service helped during the night. That’s not something you don’t forget” says Manfred Fecht, the Timber Production Manager, remembering the occasion. So when it came to acquiring a modern profiling center, Weinig was at the top of the list. “Meeting deadlines is of primary importance for us. In addition, we needed a fast line which could be used to produce the roughly 40 systems we have with consistently high quality and with minimal manpower”, says Hendrik Schröder, explaining their requirements. The Conturex 124 in the 2nd generation was the perfect setup for them. They also invested in a Weinig optimizing cross-cut saw, which is linked up to the Conturex. The positive experience has proved the window specialists right: “I am impressed with the reliability of the line” says the Managing Director today. This is key, because Schröder GmbH makes full use of the Conturex capacity.