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Drilling and dowelling machine POWER-PIN 7605 classic: Drilling depths and drilling heights are set manually using digital counters.

The POWER PIN 7605 classic is the perfect infeed machine for a nesting system or as a supplement to a saw-CNC combination. The remaining machining operations such as horizontal drilling, dowel driving and, if necessary, drilling operations can be carried out on the second side of the workpiece.


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The price of a HOLZHER machine is just as individual as your requirements are. Therefore, let us discuss briefly what is most important to you – you will then receive our preliminary, non-binding quote.

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Der Preis für eine HOLZ-HER Maschine ist so individuell wie Ihre Anforderungen. Deshalb besprechen wir am besten kurz, was Ihnen wichtig ist – und schon bekommen Sie ein erstes, unverbindliches Angebot von uns.

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Here is what the HOLZ-HER POWER-PIN Series offers

Here is what the HOLZ-HER POWER-PIN 7605 classic offers

  • Workpiece width 150 mm
  • Workpiece thickness 12 - 60 mm
  • Workpiece length 60 - 2600 mm

Technical Details

Compact design

Compact in every respect. All units and storage containers are fully integrated into the machine. With a footprint of just 4 m³ and an extremely low overall height of 1755 mm (2095 mm with open hood), the POWER-PIN fits into any workshop. In addition, the machine cover provides a practical storage area for workpieces to be produced - at a back-friendly height of 1215 mm. Whether free-standing in the room or placed against the wall depends entirely on your production flow. All units are easily accessible through the upper maintenance hood for tool changes and maintenance work.

Campus NC-HOPS

NC-HOPS is installed as standard on every POWER-PIN and offers the option of programming individual components and adapting them as required. Easy-to-understand macros and input masks allow components to be programmed in minutes. Thanks to individual reference points (EasySnaps), all machining programs can be programmed parametrically. All machining operations are clearly displayed in the 3D component view.


aCADemy is a small CAD program with which DXF files can be imported.

After adding the desired drilling operations, an NC-HOPS program is created using an internal postprocessor.


Important parameters such as diameter, length, speed or feed rate of the drills must be maintained in the MT Manager, POWER-PIN's tool management system.

The individual drills are virtually loaded into the correct position using drag-and-drop.

Tools that are not used or need to be sharpened can be blocked and marked with a note.


Components to be machined are created virtually in the work center at the correct stop.

Multi-field assembly with up to 4 components simultaneously is also possible here.

Scene programming

For longer components, the automatic scene programming creates several clamping situations and thus enables a maximum workpiece length of 2600 mm.

Automatic program selection

Simply clamp the component and get started straight away without having to search for the program?

This is possible with the automatic program selection. Five different widths can be variably stored in fields A and D. When a pre-programmed workpiece width is detected, the appropriate program is loaded automatically.

Ideal for series production of recurring component sizes.

Dowel details

The POWER-PIN can drive both pre-coated dowels and standard wooden dowels with D1 glue (viscosity 150 - 350 mPa.s.).

With the optional second step conveyor, the changeover from 6 mm to 8 mm dowels can be completed in a matter of minutes. The dowel lengths that can be processed are 30 mm, 35 mm and 40 mm.

So you are equipped for every situation.

Dowel unit

For short processing cycles due to reduced travel distances and simultaneous doweling and drilling, the doweling unit can be variably offset in 32 mm increments with the following distances: 64* / 96 / 128 / 160 / 192* mm.

Depending on the number of holes and dowels, this can result in time savings of up to 20 %! The software automatically calculates in the background whether it is possible to drill and insert dowels at the same time.

The unit is adjusted manually in the grid dimension.

* Only available with the 3-fold horizontal drilling unit on the POWER-PIN dynamic.

Glue system

The flexible glue system of the POWER-PIN allows you to work with standard D1 white glue (viscosity 150 - 350 mPa.s.) and natural dowels as well as with water for pre-coated dowels.

For maximum process reliability, additional electronic monitoring of the nozzle needle can be selected. If no glue has flowed, an error message is issued and the machine is stopped. This ensures that processing quality is maintained throughout.

Cleaning of the glue nozzle is fully automatic and program-controlled. The entire glue system moves to a defined cleaning position and rinses the glue nozzle with water. The cleaning fluid is collected and fed into an external dirty water bottle.

Horizontal drilling unit - classic



You have it in your hands! Drilling depths and the drilling height in relation to the machine table can be set manually using mechanical digital counters.


Up to two different drilling depths can be predefined.


The speed is infinitely variable from 3000 - 9000 rpm and is read out from the machining program.

Vertical drilling unit

The program-controlled vertical drilling unit has three individually adjustable drilling spindles.

Thanks to the maximum drill diameter of 35 mm, it is child's play to drill holes in the pot band. Connector techniques such as Minifix or CABINEO are also covered.

The speed of the drilling unit is infinitely variable from 2750 - 5500 rpm and automatically adapts to the drill diameter.

Clean! Thanks to the machining position from below, no chips remain on the workpiece.

Workpiece dimensions

Whether solid wood drawers or kitchen worktops, the dowels are in place. 

Material thicknesses of 12 - 60 mm can be processed as standard. While the pressure beams on the POWER-PIN classic have to be manually adjusted to the material thickness, this is done fully automatically in the dynamic version.

 For long components (< 1300 mm), several clamping scenes are automatically generated and displayed to the operator on the screen.

Flexible clamping situations

The stops are activated automatically depending on component size and machining. This enables multi-field machining of up to 4 components simultaneously.


For long components (< 1300 mm), several clamping scenes are automatically generated and displayed to the operator on the screen.